Is it a good idea to go to Juarez for dental work?


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If you are looking for a safe and sure dental treatment that is also quick and convenient, you may want to visit one of the top dental clinics in Juarez for your full mouth restoration. Not having a full set of teeth not only affects your confidence but also your ability to eat and talk. Treatments like an All-on-6 or the All-on-4® treatment concept by Nobel Biocare can replace a full arch of teeth without the need of dentures or single implants which can work out more expensive and may not be useful for you. Juarez in Mexico caters for dental tourists, and is convenient and accessible, particularly if you live just over the border in Texas.

What is the cost of these treatments in Juarez?

You would pay an average of only US$10,000 (AUD12,591, NZD13,635 £7,749, €8,469, CAD12,584) in Juarez whereas in an advanced country you would pay around US$26,000 (AUD33,910, NZD34,841, £19,382, €23,130, CAD33,431) for a full arch restoration in Juarez.

All-on-6 in Juarez would cost you would cost US$12,000 (AUD15,109, NZD16,363, £9,297, €10,161, CAD15,099) as against the US$30,000 (AUD37,893, NZD41,042, £23,311, €25,545, CAD37,806) it would cost in your home country. So you have significant savings by getting this dental work done in Juarez.

Some of the top implantology clinics in Juarez

Dental Departures conducts a great deal of due diligence before we list dental clinics on our website. We also carry out a thorough background check on the dentists and their qualifications. Some of our dental clinics in Juarez are:

Dental Plan SC – this clinic has nine cutting-edge dental units including one for infants so you are assured of high-quality treatment here.


Smile Inn – the clinic sees a large number of patients from the U.S. and Canada and offers many free services including oral exams, x-rays and even nonmedical services like shuttle transport and wifi.

Dental Solutions Juarez – the clinic offers a full range of dental services including preventive, cosmetic and specialist dentistry solutions.

Book with Dental Departures at any of the top dental clinics in Juarez for affordable, reliable full-mouth restoration treatment.

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