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Bali is one of the many places where you can look after your teeth with cut-price dental care while you are on holiday. But, the real question is: why should you spend some time away and come to Bali for your dental maintenance? Getting the treatment for only 22.4% of the price back home may be a deciding factor!

5 reasons why it is easier to look after your teeth while in Bali

  1. Get incredible savings on dental care services

If you don’t already know this, Bali is considered to have one of the most inexpensive dental care services in Asia and also one of the most preferred destinations for international patients. You can save as much as 77% or more when you get your tooth fillings in Bali. To give you a little overview on the average price of tooth fillings in Bali, then you can refer to the price list below:



$201.00 VERSUS $ 45.00 Saving US $ 156.00 per treatment


$263.00 VERSUS $ 59.00 Saving AUD$ 204.00 per treatment


$294.00 VERSUS $ 66.00 Saving NZD$ 228.00 per treatment

  1. What are meant by tooth fillings?

Tooth fillings are a means of restoring the anatomy of teeth that has been damaged by dental decay or trauma. The procedure used can be either direct or indirect.

  • Direct fillings are when the filling material is placed directly onto the problem tooth. The filling materials in this method are Amalgam (silver fillings), composite resin (tooth-colored fillings), resin Ionomer or glass Ionomer.

  • Indirect fillings are made in a dental laboratory and the material is cemented onto the tooth. The filling materials are Ceramic (porcelain), Gold Alloy or Base metal Alloy

Have a worry-free dental appointment in Bali

Here at Dental Departures, we help our international patient have a worry-free stay wherever they are. All of the clinics in Bali on our list have undergone background checks and on-site visits to verify their credentials. If you really want to get the most out of your dental tourism trip in Bali, then we suggest that you visit the experts at the following Dental Departures Global Patients’ Choice Awards winning clinics that we have approved:

Additionally, we can also provide you with other information like prices on tooth fillings, Review Bali and we can even provide you with a guarantee that the prices that you’ll find are the lowest rates out there.

  1. One of the best islands to visit

For years, Bali has been awarded as one of the best islands to visit by international magazines because of its diversity in culture and the rich history. One of the many things to see are the rich floras and faunas that comes in a variety of species. There are also intricate temple grounds that anyone can visit.

Dental Departures exclusive promotions make it easier looking after your dental health in Bali.

When you really want to enjoy your stay in Bali, make sure that you get these promotions that can help save money and plan your budget properly.

All three the clinics offer these exclusive Dental Departures promotions:

If you want to look after your teeth with affordable prices for tooth fillings, Bali dental clinics will not disappoint. Use the exclusive Dental Departures promotions to your advantage.

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