Looking For a Phuket Dentist Price List? Compare Prices at Multiple Clinics on One Site


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Looking For a Phuket Dentist Price List? Compare Prices at Multiple Clinics on One Site

If you’re interested in saving money on your dental expenses, then comparing costs on a Phuket dentist price list is an absolute must! Here at Dental Departures, we have all the information you’ll ever need, conveniently available in one place. We have exclusive listings containing Phuket dentist reviews, clinic descriptions and extensive price lists – all available at the touch of a button to save you the time and effort!

Phuket Dentist Price List

You can make average savings of anywhere between 50%-80% on domestic dental costs by choosing to undertake your dental treatment in Phuket. Check out the following table to see how much you could save against the current average prices in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom:

                               Australia                 Phuket           Saving         
Dental Fillings (AUD): $200 $39 80%
Root Canal (AUD): $1,600 $280 82%
Dental Implants (AUD): $5,000 $1,800 64%


                                        New Zealand         Phuket          Saving         
Dental Fillings (NZD): $219 $43 72%
Root Canal (NZD): $1,758 $307 80%
Dental Implants (NZD): $5,500 $1,978 47%


                                        U.S.                        Phuket          Saving         
Dental Fillings (US $): $155 $38 75%
Root Canal (US $): $1,275 $230 82%
Dental Implants (US $): $3,913 $1,900 51%


                                         U.K.                       Phuket          Saving         
Dental Fillings (UK £): £116 £32 72%
Root Canal (UK £): £954 £190 80%
Dental Implants (UK £): £2,928 £1,563 47%



How do I Find a Reliable Dentist in Phuket?

At Dental Departures, our in-depth knowledge and experience of Phuket dental tourism enables us to offer unrivalled services to patients looking to travel abroad to satisfy their dental health requirements. Our expertise means that you can maximize your savings by taking advantage of our best price guarantee .

We also publish exclusive listings on our website of quality-checked dentists in Phuket that include entries such as the Patong Smile Dental Clinic . Each entry contains all the essential information you require to make an informed decision on which dental provider is the best fit for you.

So, if you’re looking for specific information such as Sea Smile Dental Clinic reviews, or if you’re after something more general such as site facilities, available procedures or treatment price lists, you can access all of this information on the Dental Departures website. But, best of all, it’s all completely free to access!

Quality Assurance

Dental tourism in Thailand is a major part of the local economy, and the Thai government recognises the importance of the industry and actively encourages the growth and success of dental tourism through a program of continual investment.

The low cost of living in Thailand means that you can get world-class dental care at a minimum price, without compromising the quality of the treatment that you receive. For added security, Dental Departures can put you in touch with a variety of independent insurance providers, all of whom can offer you additional medical insurance at a favourable rate to cover any unforeseen expenses.

So, check out our Phuket dentist price list and see how much you could save by transferring all of your dental healthcare needs to Thailand.