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For your dental holiday in Davao City, Dental Departures is happy to help you out in finding some of the best dental clinics in Davao city for a good and thorough teeth cleaning, Davao is where many dental tourists come from all over the world to experience what it’s like in Davao, Philippines, with its abundance of unique fruits and promises of a safe, and authentic Filipino experience. But it’s most popular international attraction? Affordable and high-quality dental care!

The rates for dental cleaning in Davao are astonishingly affordable!

We know that the main reason you go out of the country for a dental procedure is all because of the crazy rates of dental care services in your country. A cleaning procedure can cost you already so much—and for such a simple dental procedure! For the tooth cleaning cost, Davao won’t let you spend anywhere near the prices you would find in your hometowns.


$ 126.00 VERSUS $ 22.00. Saving US $ 104.00 per clean


$ 163.00 VERSUS $ 29.00 Saving AUD $ 134.00 per clean


$ 179.00 VERSUS $ 31.00 Saving NZD $ 148.00 per clean

And the experience and scene in Davao is equally riveting and lovely

Davao is the largest city in the Mindanao Island of the Philippines. It is known to for its peaceful yet vibrant urban landscape, where you can stroll around the streets at night with your friends, enjoying the cool, clean air without the fear of being kidnapped or mugged. Davao is also home to a few of the most endangered species of animals found in the Philippine Eagle Centre, where they house various kinds of eagles, monkeys and other endangered species that are need of protection and breeding. From urban scene to a more cool, and natural tropical landscape, Davao is great for you to get the best of both worlds.

Good and reliable clinics that are Dental Departures recommended

You can find reliable dentists in Davao that have been verified for security, top-quality service and procedures, proper hygiene care, and highly-knowledgeable staff and dentists. Dental Departures has gone through the limits in making sure that the clinics we recommend to you are nothing but the best in the city, with on-site visits and thorough examinations. These three clinics are:

Dental Departures assure you that with these clinics to administer your teeth cleaning procedure, your mouth will be fresh, clean and pristine all throughout your vacation—or even your year!

Dental cleaning for you

Dental cleaning is a simple dental procedure. The procedure is a necessity for proper dental health all year round. The teeth cleaning procedure utilizes encompasses scaling and root planing to maintain all-around dental health. The scaling procedure involves the removal of plaque and tartar from the surface of our teeth. Root planing ensures clean gum pockets where it is susceptible to bacterial build up. Teeth whitening can also be a choice.

Go with us at Dental Departures and get your holiday in Davao started! There’s no other place you’d rather be when it comes to urban fun with safety and affordable teeth cleaning, Davao has it all! Book now!


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