Los Algodones: The Ideal Destination for All-on-Six Dental Implants


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Whether replacing one or several missing teeth, dental implant procedures can be prohibitively expensive in America, forcing some people to keep their unsightly gaps for good.

While dentures are a relatively affordable option for Americans who have lost all of their missing teeth, there is an alternative - which involves heading south across the US-Mexico Border to Los Algodones, the so-called "dental capital of the world". 

Here, you can undergo All-on-6 treatment, which is essentially a full mouth restoration that uses six implants per jaw, for around 70% less than back home. 

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All-on-6 Los Algodones Clinics

Los Algodones is located at the very top of Mexico, right next to the US border. Travelers will discover that it is completely dedicated to dentistry, with signs advertising services and deals every few meters.

While it's not difficult to find a dentist here, it pays to do your research and only pick a top dentist for a procedure as important as All on Six.

Below, we look at some of the top clinics working with specialist implantologists who are experienced in treating international patients:

  • Sani Dental is one of the most established companies in the town, with over 30 dentists spread over three different locations. Thousands of patients have been treated at these three clinics with most of them being completely satisfied with their fantastic results. All on 6 treatment prices here currently start at $10,590. 

  • Simply Dental is led by head dentist, Dr. Enrique Lopez Gaspar, who has over 32 years of experience. His wisdom combined with an elite team will make an All On Six implant procedure an amazing success. When receiving this treatment, patients will be relaxed and calm within a modern and spacious clinic. All on 6 treatment prices here currently start at $12,500. 

  • Supreme Dental Clinic is one of our most highly-rated clinics in town, having received thousands of success stories (which you can read on the respective listing page). As well as general dentistry, specialists here are experienced in restoring patients' smiles with a range of dental implant techniques using implant-supported overdentures, bridges, crowns and other custom-made prosthesis containing a whole arch of replacement teeth. All on 6 treatment prices here currently start at $12,300.


[Please note that the above-mention prices are estimates at the time of writing.]


How Much Can I Save on All on 6 Implants in Los Algodones? (Prices)

Los Algodones dentists deliver vastly more affordable dental implant treatment compared to their US counterparts.

See the price comparison table below to see the approximate savings for your All-on-6 in Algodones:


Price in the US (USD)

Price In Algodones (USD)

Saving Amount (USD)

Saving Percentage

All On Six






Price in Canada (CAD)

Price In Algodones (CAD)

Saving Amount (CAD)

Saving Percentage

All On Six





As you can see patients can save many thousands simply by taking a short trip to Mexico. This extra money can then be put towards many things such as a holiday, paying off debts, or a new car.

What’s the Catch?

You may be worried that there must be a catch to these low prices.

However, you can be assured that if you visit a top clinic, like Sani Dental or Simply Dental, the quality of your treatment will be the same as what you would receive back home in the US or Canada.

The prices are comparatively cheap due to Mexico’s low cost of living. Everything, including labor, food, and rent, are much cheaper there, allowing clinics to have much lower operating, resulting in extremely affordable prices for dentistry.

Learn more about the safety of dentistry in Mexico here

Getting Started with Dental Departures

Don't wait any longer to get your smile fully restored with an All-on-6 in Los Algodones - the ideal destination where you can save thousands without having to endure a long-haul flight. 

Browse our full list of verified All-on-6 Algodones dentists here, compare prices and book your free appointment using our online scheduler - with no upfront costs.

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