Make The Most Of A Trip To Pattaya With An Affordable Mouth Makeover


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Pattaya makes a great location to get extensive dental work done because it is affordable and high-quality. If you’re planning a holiday to the city, then you may want to consider this opportunity.

A Top Dental Destination

You may think of Pattaya as being just a place to party and relax on the beach. However, it is also a great place to get dental work done. There are many modern clinics that operate with foreign patients in mind. This means the staff speak English, and the dental work completed meets some of the highest international standards. And perhaps most importantly, the prices are only a fraction of those found in western countries.

So, why not schedule a visit to the dentist into your itinerary.

The Savings

You are looking at an affordable complete mouth makeover cost. Pattaya’s dental clinics offer a range of dental services that will allow you to save thousands. Check out the approximate price comparison for a range of procedures.



Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Pattaya (AUD)

Savings (AUD)

Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth (upper or lower)




All-on-4® treatment concept




"All on Six" Implant System




Laser Teeth Whitening




Zirconia Crown





Price in New Zealand (NZD)

Price in Pattaya (NZD)

Savings (NZD)

Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth (upper or lower)




"All on Four" Implant System




"All on Six" Implant System




Laser Teeth Whitening




Zirconia Crown




This is a good indication of the savings possible on some common procedures. Of course, every patient is different and will have varying needs when it comes to transforming their mouth. If you’re interested in a procedure or treatment not listed here, then just go to any of our clinics’ pages on this site. They will list the prices for their complete range of dental services.

A Clinic Recommendation For You

Before you go, let us suggest one of our clinics, where you can pay these affordable prices while receiving high-quality dental services. This is The Dental Design Center , a modern facility that offers a comprehensive range of procedures and treatments so that you can get a complete mouth makeover.

You will find that there are some excellent dentists at this center. These include Dr. Raungyos Ornsa-ard, who has 20 years experience and top Thai and Malaysian qualifications, as well as Dr. Tanakrit Noppakunwijai, who is also highly experienced and has received dental training in both Thailand and the US. Both of these dentists are certified by Thailand’s dental council.


If you haven't already, have a read of some complete mouth makeover reviews. Pattaya is the place to restore your simile, while potentially saving thousands, and also enjoying a great holiday. So, don't forget to book a visit to the dentist.

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