Worth the Trip? Mexico's Border Towns Offer Low-Cost, Quality Dentures


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Mexico's border towns have some of the most affordable dental clinics in the world, and being so close to American states like California, Arizona and Texas, it's easy to drive south or fly to a nearby airport - ready to take advantage of those low prices.

Among the most popular treatments is dentures, with North Americans able to save up to 80% at some of our verified Mexican dentists. 

Dental Tourism on the Mexican Border

Californian residents will already tell you about the amazing dental prices in places such as Tijuana because the dental industry there has been thriving for many years.

In fact, Tijuana's dental and medical tourism scene is slowly taking over the city’s infamous reputation as being a place to party into the small hoursClinics for dentures in Tijuana are some of the most affordable in the world - and also offer a range of other treatments encompassing general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, as well as reconstructive surgery. 

Prices here are, on average, 65% lower than in the US, with some patients able to save up to 80% on their new dentures. But aside from Tijuana, what are the other options for dental tourism in Mexican border towns?

  • If you are from California or Arizona, visiting Los Algodones, also known as Molar City, might be the best option. Being just 16km from the Arizonan town of Winterhaven and having hundreds of dental clinics, this is one of the most affordable border options for Americans.

  • Another location that is ideal for Californian residents is Mexicali, which is just a short drive from Calexico.

  • If you are from New Mexico, the Mexican location of Juarez, which is literally just over the border from El Paso, is also a great option.

  • If you want to find some of the cheapest and convenient options for dentures Mexico has to offer, Tecate is another.


Dental Clinics on the Border

Dental Departures is a hub for dental tourism in Mexico and beyond; our team has researched all of the clinics along the border to bring you a free-to-access list of background-checked clinics. 

Among the best for dentures are:

Dentures Costs in Mexico

As for the dentures price in Mexico, you can expect to pay as little as USD $669 (CAN $836; UK £500; Euro €570; Aus $855; NZ $926) at one of our partner clinics.

This is compared to prices in the US, which are around USD $1,826 (CAN $2,344; UK £1,366; Euro €1,622; Aus $2,376; NZ $2,443) for the same treatment. 

[Please note that these are estimates at the time of writing.]

The Bottom Line

When you are looking to drive over the border to find the most affordable dentures Mexico has to offer, destinations such as Tijuana, Los Algodones, Mexicali, Tecate and Juarez really do offer some amazing deals.

Book via the Dental Departures site to secure the best prices online - or connect with our Customer Care Team for more information. 


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