Minor Dental Treatment in Algodones—Is It Worth It?


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Considering traveling across the border for top-quality, affordable dental fillings or other minor treatment to keep your oral health in tip-top shape?

With Dental Departures, it's possible to save up to 70% in Los Algodones when booking at one of our modern, comfortable, background-checked clinics.

Whether you’re seeking an annual check-up, professional teeth cleaning, fillings or a crown repair, visiting our partner Los Algodones dentists could be a cost-effective alternative to the dentist back home - if you live in Southern California or Arizona. 

Why Choose Los Algodones for Dental Treatment?

Over the last two decades, Mexico’s dental tourism sector has exploded with the influx of highly-skilled dentists and well-established clinics.

The go-to destinations for dental tourism in Mexico have inevitably popped up along the US-Mexico Border, with Los Algodones being home to the highest concentration of clinics in the region - or anywhere in the world for that matter. 

High-quality, affordable care has never been more available thanks to 300-plus clinics and 900 expert dentists, saving patients considerably on first-rate, cost-effective clinical care.

All our Los Algodones dentists are fully-trained, and many have received specialty certification from recognized boards in the US and Canada. Catering to patient services, Dental Departures only work with trusted dentists in Los Algodones, skilled in a range of general as well as specialized dental care.

Our fully-approved clinics feature state-of-the-art equipment, bilingual staff and modern interiors, ensuring a first-class patient experience. 


Clinics in Los Algodones—an Overview

Our team background-checks all our fully-trained specialists in Los Algodones while conducting rigorous on-site visits for hygiene, memberships and dental qualifications, putting your mind at ease.

Research before you book: view maps, browse virtual clinic tours, compare prices for unbeatable deals and read trusted dental fillings reviews for Los Algodones from patients who have already enjoyed excellent results.

Notable clinics with great prices include:

What Is the Price of Dental Fillings in Los Algodones?

You can more than 60% on the cost of fillings in Los Algodones compared to home, as shown below:

  • Dental fillings cost in the US: $155

  • Dental fillings cost in Canada: $199 CAD

  • Average dental fillings cost in Mexico: $51

Why Choose Los Algodones?

“Molar City” attracts thousands of patients annually thanks to its impressive array of quality-checked clinics and fully-trained dentists. Convenient by plane, on foot and by car, you have access to an array of affordable yet superior dental care compared to US and Canadian fees.

While visiting Molar City for dental care, patients are increasingly taking advantage of additional discounts on pharmaceuticals at the city’s reputable pharmacies (you can have a US prescription filled across the border).

Vision clinics are also springing up here, where you can have your eyes examined or purchase a new set of specs at up to 50% savings.

Staying in or Around Los Algodones

There are a couple of hotels in Los Algodones, the most well-known being The Hacienda. However, patients can choose from dozens of brand name options just across the border in Yuma.

Dental Departures can also assist with complimentary or discounted stays at various hotels close to Los Algodones.

What’s Next?

Find, choose and book your ideal dentist in Los Algodones with Dental Departures.

See below for ways to get in touch or connect with our dedicated Customer Care Team, who are on hand 24/7 to answer any queries about fillings in Los Algodones, or any other minor dental work that needs nipping in the bud. 


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