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If you are looking for a holiday getaway with an affordable dental deal for dentures, review Bali , Indonesia, and you might find the place you are looking for. Bali is a great and popular place for tourists to enjoy a holiday. Beaches; beautiful natural scenery – Bali has a spiritual feel that has been maintained consistently throughout the years, despite its modernization. But little did you know that Bali also houses one of the most inexpensive dental care services in the whole world. You’ll be able to save a fortune when it comes to dental services, especially when it comes to dentures.

The restorative necessity of dentures

Dentures are a restorative procedure that provides you with false-teeth that can be taken off and on whenever necessary. The general procedure for their creation and application is as follows:

  • The dentist will assess your mouth, gums and jaw through x-rays.

  • An impression of your mouth is taken to aid the creation of your dentures.

  • The dentures are created, fitted and adjusted to your mouth.

The appointments may extend to four to five appointments if extractions are necessary prior to the procedure. After extractions a ‘healing denture’ will be placed as a temporary denture to help you eat.


What is the current denture price in Bali?

The prices of dentures from Australia, the U.S, and the U.K, usually vary, but still, each of them is considered to be expensive. Bali, however, offers prices for dentures that are a quarter of the price of Western countries. A game-changer for dental care services, you’ll have the low cost but still get the high-quality – and all while on a vacation on the island of Bali. What better deal could trump that?


$1,800.00 VERSUS $751.00 Saving US $1,049.00


$2,289.00 VERSUS $955.00 Saving AUD $1,334.00


$2,511.00 VERSUS $1,047.0. Saving NZD$1,464.00

Bali clinics for your custom dentures

Dental Departures screen clinics before they are included on our site. Here are three highly-recommended clinics in Bali for your dentures:

These clinics have undergone background checks to verify qualifications of the dental professionals, and our on-site inspections look at proper hygiene practices and security. Dental Departures guarantees high-quality dentures and a safe and affordable procedure with these three clinics.

Expect marvelous sights in Bali, as well as a vacation you’ll never forget

Nearly 5 million people go to Bali every year, yet Bali has maintained the peaceful, clean and idyllic experience it is known for. The natural landscapes and beautiful sceneries blend gracefully with Bali’s accommodation. Luxury hotels that cost less than you’d expect ensure a convenient and comfortable stay in Bali, and food is equally amazing and affordable. Expect to have a peaceful vacation, away from the bustle and noise of the city, replaced by serene sounds of waterfalls, birds and chimes. Beaches can be found all around the island, resorts with infinity pools and, at the right time, a heart-melting sunset. You’re as close to paradise as you can be in Bali.

We hope we’ve convinced you to save money and have your dentures in Bali with this dentures review. Bali will be a holiday experience you’ll cherish for the rest of your life—so come and book with us now at Dental Departures!

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