One secret your local dentist doesn't want you to know


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Does your dentist actually have your lab work done abroad? 
Dental care is expensive.  Many patients are now taking advantage of the low costs of dental treatment abroad to save up to 70% on the cost of treatment.
It is a little know fact that many dentists in your country are taking advantage of this fact as well!  Dental laboratories overseas are booming.  Your local dentist can find the same quality of crowns, bridges, veneers, partials and dentures from a lab abroad while increasing their profit by 70% or more.

Why does it take so long for your local dentist to provide your crowns, bridges or veneers?
Typically, when you go in to have a crown or veneer done, your dentist will do the initial preparation of the tooth in one appointment and take impressions to send off to the lab, where your crown or veneers are actually made.  Frequently, your dentist will tell you to return several week, or even a month later to have the permanent crowns or veneers cemented.   If you wonder why it takes so long, it may be due to the fact that your dentist has mailed your impressions to a lab in Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, the Philippines, or Hungary.

Dental clinics abroad can finish your work much faster; in many cases a stay of a week or less is sufficient as they work with a local laboratory or even have the work done on premises. 

Many local dentists try to scare their patients away from traveling abroad to have their dental care done, warning them about the poor quality of materials and workmanship.  The simple fact is, they have no problem sending your lab work to the same countries they warn their patients about.  This doesn't mean the quality of the work done abroad is poor, quite the opposite in fact.  They simply don't want you to know what they know.

What is the advantage of a dentist having their lab work done locally?
Since a dentist abroad will work with a local lab, or even do the work on premises, they have the advantage of working directly with the lab to make sure your work is of the best quality.  If your crowns or veneers need to be adjusted or changed for any reason, they can have it taken care of immediately to make sure you go home with the perfect smile.  Of course, since their costs are lower, they pass the savings onto you!

How much is my dentist gouging me for?
Average cost of a porcelain fused to metal crown in the US or AUS: $1,000
What your dentist could be paying for this type of crown: $50
Your local dentist's profit: $950

Average cost of a zirconia or metal-fee crown in the US or AUS: $1,600
What your dentist could be paying for this type of crown: $100
Your local dentist's profit: $1,500

Average cost of a full porcelain veneer in the US or AUS: $1,100
What your dentist could be paying for this type of crown: $75
Your local dentist's profit: $1,025

Of course, every business has overhead costs that must be accounted for, but a product mark up of up to 90% is ludicrous.
A dentist abroad passes the cost savings onto you!

Are there quality dental labs abroad?
Absolutely!  Dental lab work can be done anywhere, and there are excellent labs and dental lab technicians around the world with international certification from organizations such as ISO: 9001 for quality standards, hygiene and integrity of materials.  

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