Patients Give High Marks for Root Canals in Bali


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Ever looked into dental treatment in Bali? Let Dental Departures find and book the best dentist at significantly reduced prices compared to home. Choose from low-cost dental procedures–including root canals–and combine your treatments with a luxury stay in one of Indonesia’s ultimate destinations.

Why is Bali Becoming Popular for Root Canal Treatment? 

Dental tourism is already thriving in Bali with clinics catering to thousands of international patients from across the globe. Thanks to its excellent travel and hospitality infrastructure, English-speaking staff, and cutting-edge equipment, patients are now enjoying high-quality specialist dental care in one of Asia’s most popular, exotic travel destinations.

Whether you are considering a routine checkup, cosmetic dentistry or more complex work, dentists in Bali provide English-speaking staff coupled with high-quality care. This enchanting location makes it the ideal place for dental tourism travellers seeking out first rate care at affordable prices.

A wave of top-quality dentists have set up clinics in Bali over the last twenty years, offering specialist services to many international patients. It is no surprise thousands of tourists have made Bali their go-to place for a rejuvenating stay and affordable dental treatment.

Root Canal Procedure in Bali

The amount of root canal work you will require is dependent on the condition of the tooth and size of the infection, which will be determined by your dentist upon arrival.

If the tooth is significantly infected, a course of antibiotics may be required pre-treatment, to ensure you have no risk of cross-infection. Once the infection has cleared, the tooth can be filled or crowned which could take several days to complete.


Clinics in Bali - Overview

Check out our highly-rated root canal Bali clinics with modern, diagnostic equipment, contemporary interiors and fully verified reviews. Previous patients give high marks to Bali 911 Dental Clinic Kuta , Sunset Dental Clinic and Rejuvie Dental Clinic , offering a wide range of dental treatments, all undertaken by skilled, fully licensed doctors and hygienists.


The Price of Root Canal Treatment Compared to Australia and New Zealand


The root canal price savings in Bali ensures patients can enjoy discounts of up to 87%, versus prices at home:


Cost of root canals in Australia: AUD 1660

Cost of root canals in New Zealand 1706 NZD

Average cost in Bali: $172


Why Choose Bali?


Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali has a rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Located between Lombok and Java in the Indian Ocean, it is dominated by a wealth of volcanoes, mountains and an incredible 10,000 temples.


Lose yourself in Balinese dance, or head to the surfing caverns and boutique shops of Seminyak and Kerobokan in the South. Ubud is where you will find the true essence of Bali. Experience unique rice paddy fields, head to Kuta and Legian for vibrant nightlife, or visit several ancient monuments close by.


Majestic golden shorelines are in abundance, or fantastic spots for diving in Nusa Penida or cycling and paragliding at Uluwatu. Horse riding, elephant safaris and exclusive eco-tours are just a few reasons why Bali is so appealing for dental tourism travellers.


Where to Stay in Bali


Patients will find a variety of accommodation in Bali including luxury five-star resorts, inns, lodges and hostels. Denpasar is popular with tourists as well as Kuta Beach, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and the old Colonial capital Singaraja.


Reserving Your Dental Appointment in Bali


With verified patient reviews, clinic photos and virtual clinic tours, let Dental Departures find the ideal dental care for your root canal treatment in Bali. Compare prices or search our site for exclusive discounts.


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