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Pattaya dentists located on the east coast of Thailand and are becoming an ever increasing dental tourism destination.  You can find a dentist in Pattaya that provides quality dental care while balancing your need to enjoy the local beaches, night-life and culinary adventures.

Dentists in Pattaya perform all standard dental procedures: implants, crowns, veneers, root canals, extractions, dentures, teeth whitening, braces, fillings & bridges.  Generally, people add on a dental visit to their vacation in Pattaya:  typically a cleaning, teeth whitening or fillings.  Dentists in Pattaya are now seeing more patients visiting their clinics to receive more comprehensive dental treatments:  implants, crowns and veneers.

Dental clinics in Pattaya are not as elaborate as the dental clinics in Bangkok but they provide excellent quality dental care.  Pattaya dentists are just starting to get the word out that visitors can not only enjoy their vacation but they can receive world class dental care as well.


In Pattaya the major mode of transportation is the motorcycle.  Motorcycles are inexpensive, to rent, quick and available pretty much everywhere.  You can see the motor cycle drivers congregating around ‘taxi stations’ where you see them wearing yellow/orange vests with a number on the back.

Probably the most fun way to get around Pattaya is the motor scooter.  Standard rental terms apply and remember your is the law!

You can hail a bus  (a.k.a Baht buses ) during the day in Pattaya and they will take you to all corners of Pattaya.  Baht buses are pretty much the least expensive way to get around Pattaya and it is a great way to meet locals.  To hail a Baht bus just place your hand palm side down and start waving your hand.

Taxis are not very plentiful in Pattaya so when you find them be sure to insist that they use the meter rather than get stung at your destination with an expensive fare!

Car Rental
You can rent cars at multiple locations in Pattaya.  Standard car rental rules apply:  internaional drivers license/country drivers license, daily rental rates and insurance.


Public phones are slowly growing harder to find in Pattaya as people adopt cell phones.  The preferred methods to communicate with home are:  
  1. buy a prepaid SIM card an insert into your cell phone  for cheap domestic and international calls 
  2. use the internet at your hotel/dental office to call home via Skype or Google Chat
Internet access
Pattaya has plentiful options to access the internet through your hotel, dental offices or cyber cafes.  You will not need to go far to find free wifi access or paid internet service.  Generally, all the dental offices you visit in Pattaya will offer free internet terminals or Wifi.

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