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Centrally located in the Czech Republic, Prague offers excellent value, culture, and convenience to patients travelling for dental care.   I had a chance to experience Prague for myself and see first-hand the quality of dental care available.   First, Prague is very easy and affordable to get to.  Low cost carrier airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet, and Wizz Air book direct flights from most major cities in the UK and Europe.  A round trip flight from London to Prague can be found for less than the cost of one filling in the UK.

Since the cost of dental care in Prague is generally 70% less than in the UK or Western Europe, dental patients can find significant savings for their dental needs.  I visited numerous clinics and was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality facilities as well as the level of hospitality I encountered.  Upon arrival at the dental clinics, the English speaking receptionist would always offer a cup of coffee, espresso, tea or bottled water.  I found this to be a very nice touch, and always put me at ease.  

I was impressed by how modern and clean the dental facilities were and all the new dental technology they had invested in.  Digital panoramic X-Rays machines and chair-side computer screens allowed me to discuss with the dentists any aspect of my treatment while actually seeing any issues right in front of me.  All of the dentists I spoke with were very knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to work with me to come up with the best and most economical treatment plan possible.  The Prague dentists and staff were great about understanding my travel needs and making appointments around my travel schedule.  Most were willing to help out with finding hotels, calling taxis, and arranging any details of my trip.  Some Prague dentists even offered to have a staff member pick me up at the airport, take me to my hotel and bring me to my appointment.  When you plan your trip, check and see if your Prague dental clinic offers this service.

Availability & Emergency Dentistry
If you have a dental emergency, most clinics have an emergency number they can be reached at, and are available to work with you on short notice or on the weekend.  If you experience severe tooth pain on a Friday, your NHS dentist in the UK may not be able to treat you until the following week!  With a quick flight to Prague, your emergency dental need can be taken care of by Saturday.  Also, most dentists in Prague are open until the evening hours and on Saturdays for your convenience.

Travel Tips
If you have extra time to explore the city, Prague offers a wonderful cultural experience.  Enjoy the stunning architecture set amidst cobblestone streets, wander along the Vltava River through downtown Prague, and experience the great restaurants, symphony, or unique shopping.  Excellent hotels and activities abound for every budget.  The dental clinics can usually recommend a good hotel or may even offer free accommodations if you are receiving significant treatment.  Check with the clinic to see if they offer any discounts or have hotels the recommend.

Prague is divided into ten numbered districts; Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3, etc.  This makes navigating the city very easy for first-time visitors.  Since every address includes which numbered district it resides in, it’s simple to find activities, accommodations and a clinic in one geographically central location.  
For trips around the city, walking and taking public transportation can be a better option than taking taxis.  Traffic in Prague is often very heavy, so using the dedicated lines of the metro (subway), tram or bus is often the fastest way to get around.  Taxis are inexpensive and easy to find, though - just allow a bit if extra time getting from place to place.

I do not recommend taking a taxi from the airport.  The taxis outside the airport are notorious for charging exorbitant and illegal rates.  Call your clinic or hotel to see if they can arrange airport transportation, or book it ahead of time with an independent company as listed below.

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This website contains all the trip information, timetables, maps and route planners for utilizing the trams, metro, and buses.  Unfortunately, the route planner does not allow for you to plan your route using a starting and ending address.  When planning your route, you will need to find the nearest tram, metro, or bus stop on the transit map for your beginning and ending destination and input those into the route planner.  This can be a bit cumbersome, so allow yourself plenty of time to figure out your trip until you are familiar with the different lines and systems.

Trip planner and train schedule for trains travelling throughout the Czech Republic as well and Europe.  Check out for travel tips about riding the rails.

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