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Do you want to go to one of the top dental clinics in Cebu City for the All-on-4® treatment concept and All-on-6?

If you are looking for this dental procedure that should be of high quality but at affordable rates, then Cebu City in the Philippines is the right choice. Close to many islands and with various tourist attractions like temples, churches, adventure parks, museums and more, you can combine a great holiday with your dental treatment.

Implant-based Dental Restorations - A Modern Alternative to Dentures

When you are missing a number of teeth on the upper or lower jaw or both, you may have tried out dentures or considered them. However, dentures come with their own set of problems, need regular maintenance and care and some people never get used to them. Dental implant treatments, like the All-on-4® treatment concept and All-on-6 are a modern way to fix an entire arch of teeth because they are attached directly to the jawbone.

The implants are inserted into the jawbone via minor surgery using anesthesia. If you need any teeth extracted, this can be done before inserting the implants. Temporary teeth are put in your mouth and once the implants have healed permanent crowns are put in.

What Is the Cost of Dental Restorations in Cebu City?

There is a substantial difference in prices for dental treatments where you stay and in Cebu City and that is why many dental tourists go there.

A full arch restoration with four implants can cost you around US$26,000 (AUD33,910, NZD34,841, £19,382, €23,130, CAD33,431) in your home country. In Cebu City, you would pay only around US$8,000 (AUD10,128 NZD11,087 £6,254, €6,772, CAD10,051) for this dental treatment.

All-on-6 is more expensive and costs an average of around US$12,000 (AUD15,109, NZD16,363, £9,297, €10,161, CAD15,099) in Cebu City. The same procedure will cost an average of US$30,000 (AUD37,893, NZD41,042, £23,311, €25,545, CAD37,806) in an advanced country.

Recommended Dental Clinics in Cebu City, the Philippines

On the Dental Departures website we list only clinics that we have verified, and among the quality-checked top dental clinics in Cebu City for dental restorations are:

  • Cabahug Dental Office – you can avail of a range of dental treatments at this clinic and the first consultation is free. The clinic offers cosmetic and general dentistry procedures.
  • CPS Dental Surgery & Implant Centre Queens – this clinic specializes in various implant procedures including dental implants.
  • Metro Dental SM City Cebu – the clinic is located in a shopping mall and offers all kinds of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures including children’s dentistry.
  • Gentle Dental Clinic – this clinic has excellent reviews on our website and offers a comprehensive range of dentistry treatments at affordable rates.
  • SUV Multi-Specialty Dental Center 1 – the clinic offers affordable dental care and caters to both local and international patients, using the latest equipment for diagnoses and customized treatments.

What's Next?

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