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Looking for recommended dental clinics in Nuevo Laredo . Dental Departures performs background checks such as onsite visits, verification of dentists’ qualifications, and validation of their professional memberships on our clinics, including these popular ones: 

The clinics in Nuevo Laredo offer dental tourism where they assist patients with treatment and travel. Many provide free shuttle services from the border to the clinic. This is convenient for Texans seeking for affordable dental care in Nuevo Laredo. Some clinics offer free x-rays, which will cut down your dental expenses.

Clinics in Nuevo Laredo provide various dental services such as General Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, and other specialized treatments. They maintain patients’ oral health by means of oral examination, teeth cleaning, dental fillings, sealants, and other preventive treatments. The clinics in Nuevo Laredo also cover specialized treatments such as the following:


  • Laser Teeth Whitening or in-office teeth whitening removes discoloration and brightens teeth. The treatment is an effective way to whiten your teeth because you can see the results after the treatment. The dentist usually gives a take-home kit whitening to get better results. It’s important to know that some stains caused by aging or trauma are not easily removed by laser teeth whitening. The dentist will recommend other treatments that are right for you.

  • Dental Crowns are dental “caps” that are used to cover damaged teeth to improve their color, shape, and appearance. The dentists use them to repair teeth that are broken, chipped, and discolored. They also protect weak teeth, cover dental implants, and hold a bridge. Crowns can be made from porcelain fused to metal, full ceramic, full ceramic, and zirconia.

  • Veneers are thin shells that are placed over the front area of the teeth to improve their appearance. The custom-made shells can change the shape, size, length, and color of the teeth.

The prices of treatments in Nuevo Laredo is affordable compared to the US and Canada. Below is the estimated price of laser teeth whitening

Price of Laser Teeth Whitening







Price in Laredo

USD $319

CAD $431

GBP 249

AUD $423

NZD $454

Other countries

USD $496

CAD $669

GBP 387

AUD $657

NZD $705

Visit a clinic in Nuevo Laredo and get an oral care. The dentist will conduct a complete examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth as well as check your dental/medical status. After the assessment, the dentist will explain the results and recommend the right treatment for you.

If you’re thinking about the dentist quality, Nuevo Laredo has qualified dental professionals that specialize in Endodontics (root canal treatment), Aesthetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and other fields. They are well experienced in different treatments like dental bridge, implants, extractions, and wisdom tooth removal. The dentists use advanced techniques in dentistry and complies with proper sterilization processes.

Visit our recommended dental clinics in Nuevo Laredo and get oral care at an affordable price. Our Customer Service team will help you book an appointment with a verified clinic in Nuevo Laredo. Please get in touch by phone, email, or through online chat.

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