Relax, Recuperate and Save Money: Low-Cost All-on-6 in Thailand


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For high-quality dentists at affordable prices, let Dental Departures take the hard work out of finding and booking your specialist. Discover the best dentists in Thailand via our fully accredited, modern clinics that will not compromise on premium service and standards. Why not combine an annual checkup, cosmetic dentistry or more complex work with a fabulous vacation in the Land of Smiles?


Why is Thailand Becoming So Popular for Dental Care?


With a flourishing dental tourism industry, Thailand has established its reputation for high standards of treatment and low-cost procedures.


This sits alongside cutting edge diagnostic equipment, English speaking staff and highly-trained dentists, experienced in handling international patients. Thailand was the first country in Asia to achieve the internationally-recognised JCI accreditation . This US initiative was set up to create globalised standards in healthcare quality.


Furthermore, two of our most popular dental clinics– Bangkok International Dental Center and Sea Smile Dental Clinic –have already received prestigious JCI recognition. Belonging to the Dental Association of Thailand, dentists in Thailand are fully registered and regulated with the Thai Dental Council.


This world leader in hospitality and extensive dental care is extremely appealing for Westerners visiting Thailand. With sophisticated facilities and substantial savings, it is no wonder thousands are travelling from the US, Australia and New Zealand for high-quality dental treatment.


What Level of Care Should I Expect?


Dental Departures works with some of the finest Thai dentists working in acclaimed All-on-6 clinics . Boasting more than 60 high end clinics, we feature many accredited All-on-6 clinics in Thailand, such as Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic , where patients have received top-notch dental care.


How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Thailand Compared to Home?


All-on-6 cost in Thailand will save you up to 80% on the majority of treatments versus home.


Why Plan a Vacation in Thailand?


Thailand is an irresistible choice for many travellers looking for low-cost, effective dental treatment. Located in Southeast Asia, it borders Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. With an enviable central position, Thailand provides the ideal gateway for exploring the rest of Asia. Meanwhile, international flights across the globe make this destination highly accessible with direct routes toBangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Pattaya . An array of world-renowned beaches, historic temples and warm hospitality awaits dental tourists in Thailand.


Steeped in heritage, religion and natural beauty, discover more than 100 national parks and over 20 marine parks, all filled with spectacular flora and fauna. Outdoor enthusiasts are treated to activities ranging from trekking and mountain biking to horse riding.


Thailand is home to wealth of annual festivals and events such as Songkran (the Thai New Year) in April, and Loi Krathong (the unforgettable Festival of Lights) in November or December.


Where to Stay in Thailand


Patients can enjoy various accommodation options in Thailand to suit any discerning budget. You will find some of the most luxurious hotels in the world here, whilst budget beachfront bungalows offer affordable budget options.


Depending on the treatment, complimentary or discounted hotel rates can be seamlessly arranged via Dental Departures. Due to Thailand’s iconic traffic jams, patients in Bangkok should reserve lodging within close proximity to their specific clinic.


We can assist you in finding a suitable place to stay for your dental procedure.


How to Book a Visit?


Take advantage of our clinics in Thailand, some of the most advanced in the world. Choose among a wealth of high-level Thai dental and medical clinics to ensure the best care at the lowest prices.


Search our listings , compare prices or check out our verified patient reviews to select a dentist matching your specific condition and destination. Our best price guarantee ensures you will benefit from a great dentist for a cost-effective price.


When you are ready, contact our Customer Care Team if you'd like to find out more about receiving quality dental care in Thailand.

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