Reliable dental clinics on Koh Samui for emergency teeth fillings


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If you’re out on your vacation in Koh Samui and are in need of emergency teeth fillings dental clinics, Koh Samu i houses clinics that are secure and reliable. In fact, “reliable” is an understatement; these clinics are Dental Departures verified, meaning that quality, safety and affordability is guaranteed. That’s right — Dental Departures have clinics all over the world, all fully capable of giving you your emergency teeth fillings safely and in no time. And Koh Samui is no exception!

Koh Samui’s finest Dental Departures verified clinics for your emergency fillings

In case you need to take some emergency action for your teeth, we’ve got three excellent clinics for you to choose from in Koh Samui. We advise that while in Koh Samui, you stick with a Dental Departures recommended clinic to be sure of quality and security.


Dental Departures assure you that you are safe and are in good hands with these clinics. We’ve worked closely with these clinics, and have verified their credentials for practicing as well as their quality of work and service. You are guaranteed to have nothing but the best fillings procedure here.

Why are getting emergency fillings important?

When we’re out there on our holiday, we can feel a bit insecure, especially when it comes to dental problems. Fractured teeth is an example of these problems, as it’s not an uncommon thing to chip or fracture a tooth or two while enjoying ourselves. It’s not crazy to worry about it either; fractured teeth invite bacteria to fester and multiply in the holes. And a dental filling is a way to prevent all that.

Fillings restore the anatomy of a tooth by literally filling it up with another material, like amalgam or silver, composite resin, ionomers, porcelain, and even gold.

Are emergency fillings expensive in Koh Samui?

No! In the U.S, it typically costs up to $200 U.S.D for the fillings price. Koh Samui, however, provides you a filling procedure for a mere $23, so you won’t have to worry that much about money when an emergency comes up.


$ 201.00 VERSUS $ 23.00 Saving US $ 178.00


$ 254.00 VERSUS $ 29.00 Saving AUD $ 225.00


$ 277.00 VERSUS $ 32.00 Saving NZD $ 245.00

Where is Koh Samui?

Koh Samui is in Thailand, and one of its largest islands to date. It boasts a coastline lined with white-sand beaches full of palm trees, beach and party resorts. Nightlife buzz brings life to the island’s wonderful beaches, but there are grand sites to see as well like Wat Plai Laem, showcasing grand architecture as well as an iconic Thai statue. Elephant parks, waterfalls, and other activities are worth spending time on as well while Koh Samui.

When an emergency teeth filling is needed, now you know where to look for teeth fillings dental clinics. Koh Samui provides a unique holiday experience for your vacation, so don’t let a brief tooth filling procedure bring you down! Enjoy your holiday and next time you come back, make sure you book with us Dental Departures!

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