Replace amalgam fillings safely with affordable fillings in Penang


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Replace your amalgam fillings with a better material in Penang. Get cheap fillings in Penang dental clinics that offer safe and effective treatments.

Safe Dental Fillings in Penang

Some patients are replacing their amalgam fillings due to the content of mercury on the material. If you want to replace your amalgam fillings, visit a clinic in Penang and get safe dental treatment for your teeth. Clinics in Penang use fillings made of materials like Composite and Ceramic. They are hygienic and match the color of your teeth.

Sit down for a consultation with the dentist in Penang. Oral exams as well as an evaluation of your dental and medical status will be taken. The dentist will discuss the best option for you and recommend the right material for your fillings.

Dental clinics in Penang

Dental clinics in Penang offer safe dental fillings and other restorative treatments. Check the clinics verified by Dental Departures. We have screened the facilities, services, and the dentists’ background. Here’s a selection of our verified clinics in Penang:

  • Wong and Sim Dental Surgery offers safe and comfortable treatments such as Preventive Care, Aesthetic Dentistry, and Oral Surgery. The clinic complies with the sterilization and infection control guidelines based on the recommendations of World Health Organization (WHO). It practices a holistic approach where they are concerned not only with your teeth, but also with your well-being. The clinic also believes in conservative dentistry and offer minimally invasive procedures such as dental fillings. You’ll be handled by specialists in Periodontics (gum treatment), Restorative, and Aesthetic Dentistry. They are graduates of the University of Manchester UK and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh UK. The Aesthetic and Restorative specialist is certified by the American Association of Implant Dentistry.
  • Lim and Nyu Dental Surgery ’s location is in Bayan Bay Bayan Lepas, George Town convenient to dental tourists. The clinic offers dental solutions such as fillings, sealants, root canal treatment, laser teeth whitening, dentures, crowns, and gum treatment.
  • Neoh Dental Surgery is situated in Vantage Point (Jelutong), George Town. The clinic provides safe and effective treatments such as laser teeth whitening, fillings, root canal therapy, crowns, and fillings. The well-experienced dentist is certified by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Fillings: Price (Penang versus other countries)

Dental clinics in Penang offer affordable fillings compared to Australia and New Zealand. The inexpensive treatment is due to the lower cost of operational expense in Penang and not because of inferior quality. Here’s the price comparison of fillings.

Estimated Price of Fillings in Penang







Price in Penang

AUD $30

NZD $33

USD $23

CAD $31

GBP 18


AUD $172

NZD $185

USD $130

CAD $175

GBP 102

The price varies depending on the number of teeth that requires treatment and the type of material you choose. Dentists in Penang will prepare a treatment plan based on your needs and budget. Get high quality, cheap fillings in Penang . Book an appointment with the help of our Customer Service Team.

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