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Learning about dental care overseas is confusing.

There are so many dental resources available on the Internet explaining the advantages and disadvantages of dental tourism.

Dental Departures will help you make your research on dental tourism a whole lot easier. This dental resource library will help you research dental travel, learn tips on visiting a dentist abroad and what you should know before you before travelling overseas for dental treatment.

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Top 10 dental tourism destinations

Find out the top 10 global dental tourism destinations. Check out these top dental destinations and see how much you can save!

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Can I use my dental insurance in Mexico?

Yes you can use your dental insurances from Canada or the United States in Mexico. Mexican dentists can help you complete the required claims forms.

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One secret your local dentist doesn't want you to know

Many dentists in the US, Australia & the UK now outsource their dental lab work to the same countries they discourage their patients from visiting!

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Top 6 Myths About Traveling Abroad for Dental Care

Find out the top 6 myths about going to a global dentist. Learn more

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Top new dental technologies used by dentists abroad

Find out what top new dental technologies are used by dentists abroad

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Dental care abroad: save even more using your dental insurance!

Did you know you can use your dental insurance at a dentist in Mexico a dentist in Costa Rica, or even a dentist in Thailand? Get your dental care paid for with your insurance and save even more money! How to get your dental care abroad paid for.

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Is dental care overseas worth it?

Find out if you really can save money by visiting a dentist abroad.

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One easy travel tip that can save you hundreds of dollars

In order to save hundreds of dollars while travelling, get another credit card that does not charge foreign exchange fees!

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8 Reasons to Try Dental Tourism

Discover Eight Good Reasons to Consider Visiting a Dentist Abroad

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Why Travel Abroad For Low Cost Dentistry?

Find out why so many people are travelling abroad to receive low cost dentistry with exceedingly great standards that you would never expect.

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