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Dental Travel Resources

Learning about dental care overseas is confusing.

There are so many dental resources available on the Internet explaining the advantages and disadvantages of dental tourism.

Dental Departures will help you make your research on dental tourism a whole lot easier. This dental resource library will help you research dental travel, learn tips on visiting a dentist abroad and what you should know before you before travelling overseas for dental treatment.

Saving thousands of dollars on dental implants abroad
Do you have sticker shock? Is your dentist trying to charge you thousands of dollars for dental implants?
One easy travel tip that can save you hundreds of dollars
In order to save hundreds of dollars while travelling, get another credit card that does not charge foreign exchange fees!
Top new dental technologies used by dentists abroad
Find out what top new dental technologies are used by dentists abroad
Top 6 myths about traveling abroad for dental care
Find out the top 6 myths about going to a global dentist. Learn more
8 reasons to try dental tourism
Find out the eight reasons why you should visit a dentist overseas
How to get the best customer service from the dentist
Find out how to get great customer care from your dentist.
Top 10 dental tourism destinations
Find out the top 10 global dental tourism destinations. Check out these top dental destinations and see how much you can save!
Great Locations for Dentistry Tourism Abroad
Popular countries for dental tourism
How can owning a passport can entitle you to affordable dental care?
Learn how your passport help you with your next dental bill
Is dental care overseas worth it?
Find out if you really can save money by visiting a dentist abroad.
What happens if something goes wrong with my dental treatment abroad?
How to make stack the odds in your favour of your treatment being successful; Warranties and guarantees; Patient advocate; Insurance.
What to bring when you visit a dentist overseas
Lean what you should bring when you travel abroad for dental treatment
Europe’s financial troubles offer opportunity to dental tourists
How can you take advantage of Europe's financial crisis to get a better smile
Dental care abroad: save even more using your dental insurance!
Did you know you can use your dental insurance at a dentist in Mexico a dentist in Costa Rica, or even a dentist in Thailand? Get your dental care paid for with your insurance and save even more money! How to get your dental care abroad paid for.
One secret your local dentist doesn't want you to know
Many dentists in the US, Australia & the UK now outsource their dental lab work to the same countries they discourage their patients from visiting!
How to get a free quote for your dental care abroad
You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by visiting a global dentist through Dental Departures! If you would like a free quote for your dental care and find out how much money you can save, we are happy to help. Receive the exact same, or better care than at home and get the smile you deserve for less!
Can I use my dental insurance in Mexico?
Yes you can use your dental insurances from Canada or the United States in Mexico. Mexican dentists are more than happy to complete the forms from your Canadian or American dental insurance provider to reimburse you for your dental care in Mexico.
Top Tips to Save Money on your Dental Care Abroad
Find out how to save more money on dentistry abroad
Dentistry abroad – Is it safe?
Reasons why dental care abroad is safe.
Why Travel Abroad For Low Cost Dentistry?
Find out why so many people are travelling abroad to receive low cost dentistry with exceedingly great standards that you would never expect.
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