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Combine an awesome vacation with an excellent, affordable, and, most importantly, money-saving root canal treatment in Mexico with help from Dental Departures.

Check out some of our glowing root canal reviews in Mexico from former patients, compare prices, and see how much you can save... while saving your tooth at the same time.

Here are some of the top clinics at which to book your root canal treatment via the Dental Departures site:

Sani Dental Group

Sani Dental Group is actually a chain of clinics with several branches located in Mexico. The headquarters are in Los Algodones, in the municipality of Mexicali. The group was created 32 years ago, and since then, has grown exponentially to provide expert dental care to patients traveling to Mexico for dental health purposes.

A winner of Dental Departures’ Global People Choice Award, Sani Dental Group epitomizes the ideal dental clinic. Communication is a key component of their success, and as such, their dental workforce is made of bilingual (English, Spanish) dental providers who can communicate effectively with both local and international patients.

At Sani Dental Group clinics, root canal treatment prices for molar root canals start from USD $220 (CAD 297; EUR 205; GBP 192; AUD 290; NZD 313), which corresponds to huge savings compared to around USD $1,350 (CAD 1,822; EUR 1,259; GBP 1,054; AUD 1,790; NZD 1,920) that patients often pay in the USA and Canada.

Another branch of Sani Dental Group is Sani Dental Group - Platinum - also located in Los Algodones, Baja California. In addition to the excellent and affordable care that is characteristic of Sani Dental clinics, this branch provides free diagnostic exams, free crowns, bridges or filling removals as part of a replacement treatment, as well as complimentary hotel nights if your treatment cost exceeds $2,000.


CIRO Dental

CIRO Dental is located in Los Algodones, Mexico. On top of the fact that they offer free oral exams, free crown and bridges removal, free temporary crowns and free X-rays, this clinic also offers very affordable prices for root canals, starting at USD $250 (CAD 337; EUR 233; GBP 195; AUD 331; NZD 356).

CIRO Dental also received the GPC award for being one of the top-rated dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Clinica de Ortodoncia & Estetica Dental

Clinica de Ortodoncia & Estetica Dental is located in Colonia Nueva, Mexicali (Baja California). The clinic is a GPC award winner, which attests to the high standard of care that they provide to their local and international patients from around the world.

At the Clinica de Ortodoncia & Estetica Dental, state-of-art technology and top-notch equipment are at the cornerstone of patient care, making sure that you receive the best in terms of oral care treatment for your root canal.

Root canal prices at this clinic start as low as USD $200 (CAD 250; EUR 170; GBP 150; AUD 250; NZD 268).

Getting Started with Dental Departures

With Dental Departures, there is more than one dental clinic you can choose from, as we connect you with a wide variety of clinics with the best root canal reviews. In Mexico, regardless of the city you choose, the possibilities are endless.

Contact the Dental Departures Customer Care Team to find out more today about root canal treatment at our partner Mexico clinics today. 


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