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Do you want to know about the dental services offered in Juarez? Dental clinics here offer safe dentistry. Juarez is located on Rio Grande in the southern part of El Paso, Texas. You can find dental clinics near the border that offer superb treatment at a lower price. Learn more about the services they provide.

What are the dental services offered in Juarez?

Clinics in Juarez offer various dental services ranging from preventive treatments to specialized treatments such as Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, and Restorative Dentistry including Cosmetic Dentistry. The clinics maintain patients’ oral health by means of preventive treatments such as oral examination, teeth cleaning, and fillings. They straighten teeth using orthodontic treatments like braces. Oral Surgery such as extractions and wisdom tooth removal are performed by certified dentists. They repair badly decayed tooth with root canal treatment. Damaged teeth are restored with various options, which includes dentures, crowns, and veneers.

How’s the quality of care in Juarez?

Clinics in Juarez take care of patients’ oral health with utmost care. The dentists provide complete examination and review patients’ dental status. They discuss the treatment process, recommend the best option that suits your needs, and use advanced treatment in improving patients’ oral health. The dentists performing the procedures are well experienced in various procedures. They speak English and Spanish.

The clinics provide clean, modern, and comfortable environment to help patients experience a pleasant dental trip. Proper sterilization process is practiced to achieve safe and effective treatments.

How much is the cost of treatment in Juarez?

The cost of dental services in Juarez is affordable compared to US and Canada. The cost is just a fraction of the price you’d pay at home. To give you an idea, here’s a table that shows the price comparison of treatments in Juarez.


Estimated Cost of

Treatment in Juarez

Estimated Cost

of Treatment

in the US

Estimated Cost

of Treatment in Canada

Dental Crowns

USD $179

USD $1,164

USD $1,483

Dental Fillings

USD $37

USD $155

USD $199

Dental Implants

USD $896

USD $3,913

USD $5,026

Dental Veneers

USD $344

USD $1,245

USD $1,599


USD $219

USD $1826

USD $2344

Root Canals

USD $212

USD $1,275

USD $1,636

Teeth Whitening

USD $149

USD $668

USD $858

Where is the best place to get an oral care in Juarez?

Dental Departures can help you find clinics in Juarez. We perform background checks that include on-site visits and verification of the dentists’ qualifications. The clinics that are verified include Smile Inn and Dental Solutions Juarez . They offer dental tourism where they assist tourists with treatments and travel needs.


Looking for a safe dentistry in Juarez? Find a top-quality dental clinic with the help of Dental Departures. Contact our customer service and book an appointment by phone, email, or online chat.