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If you’re one of the millions of Americans without dental insurance and you’re either planning a visit to Tijuana, or are near enough to visit easily, think about transferring your dental care to one of the fine clinics in and around the city.

For major procedures, you probably know you can save a bundle, but you can also save on preventive care, like teeth cleaning. Prices in Tijuana, which generally costs 60% less than at home.

Tijuana offers a medical lane at the border crossing, so you can avoid the long lines and annoying waits.

Is Tijuana a Viable Option for Dental Care?

Over the past two decades, Tijuana has seen a remarkable transformation from a seedy bar & brothel border town to a commercial and cultural powerhouse. While a few one-dentist clinics may continue operating out of backstreet shanties, these are no longer the facilities that fuel dental tourism in Tijuana.

Mexico is a low-cost country and dentists are much aware of the potential offered by serving some 20 million Southern Californians within a four-hour drive from downtown. In addition, dozens of convenient flights are available into San Diego, Los Angeles and six other nearby airports.


Top Clinics in Tijuana

To capture market share, prominent dental specialists have invested in top quality, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities along with hiring top-notch dentists and technicians (many of whom are US board-certified and all of whom speak fluent English). Some of the most popular clinics for international patients in Tijuana include:

At Dental Departures we have surveyed and assessed an array of Tijuana clinics and we only approve the very best. In fact, you’re likely to find our clinics in Tijuana offer equal or better than you might find in your home town. All have been verified, which is to say we have done our own background checks so you don’t have to.

Dentist qualifications and professional memberships with relevant organizations like the American Dental Association are shown in our listings, alongside other useful information, including authentic, verified patient reviews, clinic photos and prices–making it easy for you to compare and choose appropriately.

How Much Can I Save on Dental Care in Tijuana?

The price of dental care in Tijuana is what makes it so popular to so Americans and Canadians who find themselves unable to afford the rising costs of elective care in their home country. Rather than forego any kind of preventative care, whole families are making an annual trip over the Border to ensure they all get at least a check-up. Any remedial work required can usually be performed there for much less than at home.

Table below demonstrates the prices for teeth cleaning in Tijuana, compared to other countries:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Teeth cleaning cost – home







Teeth cleaning cost – Tijuana







Multiply these numbers by a family visit and savings are significant!

Tijuana as a Dental Tourism Destination

Tijuana welcomes thousands of visitors every day; in fact, more than 300,000 people travel in and out of Tijuana each day—the world’s largest border crossing! Americans have always been drawn here to cheaper medical supplies, leather goods and Mexican handicrafts, and now the city offers new options for fine dining, brand name hotels and other lodging choices (such as Airbnb).

It’s easy to make a mini-break of a trip to Tijuana as there are plenty of accommodation options in town, which means you can enjoy some of the other amenities Tijuana has to offer apart from low-cost dental care.

Getting Started

For your general dental care, including check-ups, fillings and teeth cleaning, costs in Tijuana could help save you a lot more than money in the future by preserving your family’s dental health. Get started by connecting with our Customer Care Team today.


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