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Looking to replace ill-fitted dentures or missing teeth? Find, choose and book an appointment with Dental Departures while saving thousands on the All-on-4® treatment concept by Nobel Biocare in Los Algodones, Mexico,

Thanks to the growth of dental tourism over the last couple of decades, overseas and cross-border patients have greater access to low-priced care comparable to what you would expect to receive at home.

Keep reading to discover our top clinics in Algodones and look forward to a brand new set of teeth fixed onto just four dental implants

Why Is Los Algodones the Ideal Choice for My Treatment?

Los Algodones has quickly gained an impressive reputation for delivering top-quality, cost-effective care at a fraction of the price compared to back home.

Dubbed the "Dental Capital of the World", this modestly-sized border town is home to some 300-plus clinics and nearly 1,000 practitioners, ensuring international patients have convenient access to world-class care.

And with a warm, all-year-round climate, easy-to-reach location, amenities and retail therapy, Los Algodones is the ideal place for American and Canadian patients to receive treatment. 

Finding a Reputable Dentist in Algodones with Dental Departures

Dental Departures pre-screens every dentist and clinic as well as performing rigorous checks for quality care, stringent hygiene and specialist memberships, ensuring a patient-led experience.

Together with state-of-the-art equipment, bilingual staff and modern interiors, Los Algodones ticks all the boxes for a first-rate, comfortable patient experience.

Clients booking through our site can expect the same levels of care as you would back home, saving four or even five figures in the process.


Top Full Mouth Restoration Clinics in Los Algodones

Dental Departures pre-checks every practitioner and clinic in Los Algodones, resulting in a hassle-free patient journey from beginning to end.

With no compromise on clinical care, many of our quality-assured specialists have also undertaken training in the US.

Discover an array of highly-skilled dentists on our site; our best clinics belong to affiliated organizations such as the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and the American Dental Association (ADA).

Some of our top Algodones clinics include:

How Much Can I Save on My Procedure in Los Algodones?

With Dental Departures, you can save more than 60% on treatment in Los Algodones. For instance:

  • Cost of the All-on-4® treatment concept in the US: $26,000
  • Cost in Los Algodones: $10,000
Please check out clinic listings for up-to-date prices for dental treatment in Los Algodones. 

Staying in Los Algodones

The Hacienda is the only major hotel within easy reach of Los Algodones. However, there are plenty of accommodation options close to choose from in Yuma, which is only 30 minutes away from the border crossing.

For example, the Quechan Resort & Casino is situated around two miles from the center of Los Algodones.

Speak to our Customer Care Team who can assist with complimentary accommodation or discounted rates nearby.

How Do I Book My Appointment in Los Algodones?

Start comparing prices at our range of clinics in Los Algodones and book your procedure today with Dental Departures.

Booking with us also ensures you pay the best prices online, with 24/7 customer support available before, during and after your money-saving dental trip to Mexico. 


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