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Phuket truly is a paradise that you have to see to believe. Although it is one of the most stunning tropical islands in the world, the thing that stands out is the way it combines natural beauty with luxurious modernity.

Exploring Patong Beach

Patong Beach is easily Phuket’s most popular tourist destination, located on the west coast of the island and looking out across the Andaman Ocean. Holidays in Phuket are stuff that dreams are made from. This perpetual holiday atmosphere is what makes Phuket, and more importantly, Patong beach, one of the most desirable locations for a dental tourism holiday. Let us help you to find the top crowns dentist in Patong that will make your holiday complete.

If you are already in Phuket and are looking to find a clinic that offers affordability and quality, we have some fantastic solutions to your problems. The best part about a dental tourism vacation in Patong Beach is that you can really have a great time relaxing on the beach, have your crowns done for extremely low prices and rejuvenate in the ultimate tropical environment.


Crowns Clinics in Phuket

If you are trying to find the top crowns dentist in Patong Beach, you will need the advice of an independent expert to give you the lowdown on the clinics so you get the most reputable and do not get ripped off. At Dental Departures, we are a website portal that focusses on finding low-cost dental treatments from across the globe. We have researched every facet of the dental tourism scene in Phuket to find you clinics that come highly recommended by former patients.

We have taken our time to find out everything about the clinics to give you the pretty crowns review. Patong has some fantastic treatments centers that have world-class staff and specialists on hand to ensure your treatments are dealt with in the simplest possible way. Here is a great choice of highly recommended clinics in Patong for crowns:

Sea Smile Dental Clinic Phuket

Phuket Dental Signature

A.B Dental Care Clinic

Dental Crowns Price

The price for dental crowns in Phuket is extremely cheap when compared to the West. The prices difference is approximately 65% cheaper in Thailand. Here is an example of the prices for dental crowns in Phuket: US $400 (CAN $510; UK £312; Euro €343; Aus $502; NZ $537), compared to the prices in the US $ 1,164 (CAN $1483; UK £863; Euro €1026; Aus $1505; NZ $1545).

We have worked tirelessly to find you contenders for the top crowns dentist in Patong Beach. A dental tourism vacation in Phuket, Thailand, is something that you will remember for the rest of your life so make sure you get the right price at the first time of asking by taking heed of our advice.

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