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As they spend their winters in the hotter southern climates in the US, snowbirds are well-placed to enjoy low-cost dental treatment in Mexico, such as check-ups and teeth cleaning in Los Algodones.

Also called Molar City, this expanding border town is now considered the dental capital of the world - and an increasing number of snowbirds are discovering the benefits of getting teeth cleaning here, among other money-saving dental treatments. 

Teeth Cleaning Cost – Los Algodones

The lower dental price in Molar City is the biggest attraction for snowbirds visiting from across the border in the US. Have a look at the teeth cleaning price in the US and Canada, and then at 3 of the best clinics in Algodones.

Regular teeth cleaning price in the US: USD $126 / Regular teeth cleaning price in Canada: CAD $170

And here’s how affordable teeth cleaning is at three of Los Algodones’ top dental clinics:

[Please note that these are estimated prices at the time of writing. See our individual clinic listings for latest prices.]

It’s Not Just Affordable; It's Safe and Practical

Don’t think that because it’s affordable, it’s in some way inferior to American dentistry. Los Algodones has over 300 clinics where almost a thousand brilliant dentists work to serve local and international patients. People from across North America, especially snowbirds in the winter months, cross the border into Mexico and make the most of inexpensive dentistry in Los Algodones.

These people are also discovering the real reasons behind the lower prices, and it’s important you know them too:

  • Running dental clinics in Mexico is much cheaper than in the US and Canada due to lower operating and labor costs.
  • The living expenses in Mexico are also lower than in the US and Canada.
  • Clinics in Algodones face stiff competition among one another for the steady influx of international patients.

Not so long ago, people used to be convinced that these lower prices in Mexico always equated to lower quality - and that Mexican dentists didn't follow the same industry guidelines and protocols as their American and Canadian counterparts. Now, an increasing number of people are discovering just how safe it is to undergo dental work done in Algodones when booking through a reputable site like Dental Departures. 

Other Safety Considerations

Traveling to Mexico for medical or dental purposes is also safer than you might think. This is reflected partly in the fact that the country’s economy is doing well, and that more tourists are visiting the country every year. Yes, there is violence that makes the headlines, but this is mainly restricted to drug-related gangs.

As a dental tourist attraction, Algodones is largely unaffected by these issues. So, if you’ve been meaning to get inexpensive teeth cleaning, Los Algodones is the place to be.

For more information about safety and other travel-related considerations, check out our Los Algodones destination guide here

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