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Rediscover your smile at The Bangkok Smile Dental Group – one of the leading dental clinics in Thailand. Recently teaming up with the Malo Clinic they are part of an international dental network with global recognition in implantology and dental aesthetics.

About Bangkok Smile Dental Group

Bangkok Smile’s first clinic opened in 2003. Since then, the group has expanded, opening three further facilities in Bangkok and four in Phuket. All clinics are modern, fully-equipped with the latest technology and boast teams of highly-skilled professionals, as well as their own in-house dental laboratories.

Partnering with the Malo Clinic (the facility founded by Dr. Paulo Malo, the pioneer of the innovative All-on-4 dental implants technique) has been an astute move. The Bangkok Smile now belongs to the world’s largest network of dental clinics, which not only brings their services to the attention of a wider audience but also validates their status as one of the leading dental providers on the planet.


Services and Procedures offered at the Bangkok Smile Dental Group

Services Offered at Bangkok Smile Dental Group meet the needs of both local and international patients. Treatments such as deep cleaning, fillings, gum treatments, root canals and even their Breath Clinic ensure your mouth is kept as healthy and fresh as can be.

The Bangkok Smile also offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can have a profound effect on your confidence and self-esteem. They know that your smile is the most eye-catching feature of your face and that if you are self-conscious about it then this can have repercussions in all sorts of other areas of your life. Fortunately, the Bangkok Smile has plenty of choices to enhance it.

Chipped, cracked, stained and misshapen teeth can be dramatically improved with options to suit all budgets and preferences. Dental veneers, laser teeth whitening, dental crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures and orthodontics (braces) – whatever your dental needs are, the Bangkok Smile Dental Group can fix it.

Bangkok Smile’s Dentists – Recommendations

Bangkok Smile offers an enviable team of the best dentists in Bangkok with expertise spanning every area of dental health. Together, their multidisciplinary approach ensures that even patients with the most complex needs are in the best hands available.

The dentists are well-qualified, highly-experienced and remain at the forefront of new developments in dental health by their commitment to continuing education. Many of them have trained internationally at renowned institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and Australia and have memberships of international professional organizations, including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

The Bangkok Smile Dental Group is highly recommended by its patients. In fact, one of its most popular clinics – the Sea Smile Dental Clinic in Phuket, is a winner of the Dental Departures’ Global Patients’ Choice Awards – bestowed upon those clinics that have received consistent high-scoring reviews from those that matter most – their patients.

Price Comparison at the Bangkok Smile Dental Group

One of the main factors persuading people to become dental tourists is the cost – which are typically unaffordable in their home countries. Thailand’s prices, by comparison, are a good deal less – but the standards of care certainly aren’t. Many overseas patients actually report that their care in Thailand is better than what they receive at home and that the clinics are certainly more contemporary, modern and well-equipped. The customer service in Thailand is also second-to-none – this being a well-known Thai trait – and so generally the whole experience of dental care in Thailand is an overwhelmingly positive one for the vast majority of dental patients.

Some of the prices for popular dental treatments can be seen below:

Dental Fillings cost in Australia AUD $202; Dental Fillings Bangkok Smile - AUD $41

Dental Fillings cost in New Zealand NZD $207; Dental Fillings Bangkok Smile - NZD $44

Dental Fillings cost in the UK GBP £116; Dental Fillings Bangkok Smile - GBP £25

Dental Fillings cost in the US $155; Dental Fillings Bangkok Smile - US $31


Dental Veneers cost in Australia AUD $1,600; Dental Veneers Bangkok Smile - AUD $444

Dental Veneers cost in N Zealand NZD $1,760; Dental Veneers Bangkok Smile - NZD $482

Dental Veneers cost in the UK GBP £1,000; Dental Veneers Bangkok Smile - GBP £272

Dental Veneers cost in the US $1,200; Dental Veneers Bangkok Smile - US $339


Whitening cost in Australia AUD $870; Whitening Bangkok Smile - AUD $310

Whitening cost in N Zealand NZD $894; Whitening Bangkok Smile - NZD $337

Whitening cost in the UK GBP £500; Whitening Bangkok Smile - GBP £190

Whitening cost in the US $668; Whitening Bangkok Smile - US $236

Dental Tourism and the Bangkok Smile Dental Group

Dental tourism is an offshoot of medical tourism. Although medical tourism has been around for some time – where patients from one country travel to another (usually a near neighbouring) country for medical care that is typically less expensive – Thailand was the first country to wholeheartedly embrace modern medical tourism. Thanks to its pioneering spirit in the 1990s when brand new, fully-equipped hospitals were opened to patients from around the world, Thailand has now established itself as one of the most popular medical tourism destinations, offering a myriad of different specialties from dentistry to stem cell therapy.

The Bangkok Smile Dental Group offers excellent services to international patients with modern, hygienic clinics that are fully equipped to support a wide range of oral health needs. The medical staff are extremely thorough and patients will find no communication issues as English is widely-spoken. The group also offers VIP services, including airport pickups to whisk you from the airport to your hotel, so you can arrive as calm and unflustered as can be.

Thailand is renowned as a holiday destination, particularly for its beaches. However, Bangkok is also a draw and few visit the country without spending some time in this modern, mesmerizing city. It is one of southeast Asia’s financial and business hubs and over the last few decades has evolved into a sophisticated metropolis. With all the amenities and attractions visitors would expect to find in any modern city, there is also a captivating cultural heritage that provides visitors with a unique and absorbing insight into Thai life.

Hundreds of dazzling temples, the canals with their floating markets and the splendid palaces stand shoulder-to-shoulder with modern glass skyscrapers, neon lights and expansive shopping malls in a feast for the senses. If you visit here as a dental tourist then you won’t be stuck for things to take your mind off your dental work.

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