Dental tourism brings many visitors to Cancun. Cancun Dental Specialists are one of the leading facilities in Cancun, delivering top-quality dental services to local and international patients.

About Cancun Dental Specialists

Cancun Dental Specialists is strategically located in the heart of Hotel Zone of Cancun, Mexico providing great convenience to tourists. The clinic’s mission is to go above and beyond to help patients who are looking for alternative dental work in Mexico and to bring back the confidence and happiness that comes with a beautiful smile. Its vision is to provide affordable, long lasting, and high quality dental treatments to patients from overseas. The clinic has a high regard for hard work, honesty, and ethics.


Cancun Dental Specialists has been awarded the Global Patients’ Choice Award by Dental Departures. The annual accolade is given to clinics that achieve top-quality services and exceptional testimonials from international patients. Patients booking with Dental Departures get access to quality-checked clinics and certified dentists offering affordable treatments.

Here are top reasons why you should choose Cancun Dental Specialists as your oral health care provider:

  • Highly experienced dental staff

  • Exceptional dental service

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Safe dental care

  • Relaxing Surroundings

  • Affordable dental service

Highly experienced dental staff

Cancun Dental Specialists was established in 2014 by U.S. Board Certified Dentist Dr. Irma Gavaldon. The head dentist completed her dental course from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), recognized as the one of the best universities in Latin America. She later pursued Masters Degree in Restorative Dentistry from the University of Michigan, USA, which is ranked as top 3 dental schools in the US. Over the past 30 years, she has been studying, teaching, and performing dentistry. Dr. Gavaldon specializes in complex restorative cases, full mouth restorations, implant rehabilitation, smile makeovers, as well as cosmetic dentistry. She complies with the standards set by the American Dental Association (ADA).

She works with specialists in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Endodontics (Root Canals) in providing the best patient care. The dental team continues to keep updated with new technologies and techniques by attending advanced learning courses.

The clinic is comprised of trained professionals who assist patients from abroad. A friendly dental coordinator welcomes guests and patients inside the office. The team of dentists is genuinely interested in taking care of patients’ oral health. It has staff member who speaks English, Spanish, French, Danish, and Russian. No worries about language barriers!

Exceptional dental service

Cancun Dental Specialists offers exceptional dental service covering the following:

  • Implant Supported Restoration – Fixed Hybrid Dentures, Dental bridges, Implant Supported Bridge, Snap on Dentures

  • Dental Implants – Single Dental Implant, Multiple Dental Implants, All on 4, Mini Dental Implants, Sinus Lift, Gum Graft

  • Endodontics – Root Canal Therapy, Root Canal Retreatment, Post and Core Build up

  • Holistic Dentistry – Zirconium Dental Implants, Amalgam Filling Removal, Composite Resin Fillings

  • Laser Dentistry – Cavity Removal, Gum Contouring, Gingivectomy

  • Orthodontics – Invisalign clear braces

  • General Dentistry – Teeth Cleaning, Teeth whitening, Composite Resin Fillings, Dental Bonding

  • Periodontics – Gum treatment, Scaling and Root Planning, Gum Graft

  • Extractions – Simple extraction, Surgical extraction

  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Full Smile Makeover, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Crowns, Veneers, Inlay, Onlays

The clinic also provides a Dental Emergency Service that provides solutions to issues like toothache and mouth injury. Additionally, the clinic offers free airport pickup and travel assistance.

State-of-the-art technology

Cancun Dental Specialists is committed to providing exceptional oral care. In line with this, the clinic invests in state-of-the-art technology and qualified specialists to deliver superior dental care. The clinic is fully equipped with CAD/CAM laboratory, CBCT 3D x-rays for surgical planning, Waterlase Hard/Soft tissue lasers for less invasive treatments, and Therapeutic lasers to enhance healing.

The CAD/CAM system process dental restorations like crowns and veneers in just one appointment. CBCT 3D x-ray is used in the diagnosis and treatment planning for dental implants. The dentists use lasers in providing advanced treatment for various dental issues such as tooth decay. With the use of these technologies, the team achieves fast, effective, and safe treatments.

Safe dental care

The clinic prioritizes patients’ safety. In order to provide a safe dental treatment, the clinic follows strict infection control procedures. It has a sterilization room, equipped with Autoclave system to ensure the safety of all patients including the staff.

Relaxing Surroundings

Cancun Dental Specialists is located in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean city of Cancun, an ideal place for patients to relax and recuperate after the treatment. Patients will feel relaxed while looking at the scenic view. The office also provides flats screen TV and music player to help patients feel at ease while sitting in the dental chair. After your dental work, chill out in the beach and enjoy the attractions.

Affordable dental service

Cancun Dental Specialists offers affordable treatments compared to US and Canada. Take a look at the prices of dental implants, veneers, crowns, root canal treatment in Cancun compared to other countries:

Titanium Dental Implant (including abutment and standard crown) in Cancun:

USD $2,000 (CAD $2,664; UK £1,600; Eur €1,187; AUD $2,672; NZD $2,890)

Titanium Dental Implant (including abutment and standard crown) compared to other countries:

USD $3,900 (CAD $5,195; UK £3,121; Eur €3,679; AUD $5,210; NZD $5,636)

Zirconia Veneers in Cancun:

USD $600 (CAD $799; UK £480; Eur €566; AUD $802; NZD $867)

Zirconia Veneers compared to other countries:

USD $1,400 (CAD $1,865; UK £1,120; Eur €1,321; AUD $1,870; NZD $2,023)

Full Porcelain Crown/Ceramic Crown in Cancun:

USD $437 (CAD $578; UK £348; Eur €410; AUD $576; NZD $624)

Full Porcelain Crown/Ceramic Crown compared to other countries:

USD $1,200 (CAD $1,588; UK £955; Eur €1,125; AUD $1,581; NZD $1,715)

Root Canal Treatment in Cancun:

USD $360 (CAD $476; UK £287; Eur €337; AUD $474; NZD $514)

Root Canal Treatment compared to other countries:

USD $1,200 (CAD $1,588; UK £955; Eur €1,125; AUD $1,581; NZD $1,715)

Cancun Dental Specialists is a place to visit in Mexico because of its top dentists offering effective and affordable treatments in a relaxing environment.