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If you’re looking for outstanding dental treatment at a price that you can afford, then look no further than Simply Dental in Los Algodones, Mexico.

From their state-of-the-art facility in this Mexican border town, Simply Dental has been providing superior dental healthcare to US and Canadian citizens for more than two decades. Their welcoming and professional approach immediately puts patients at ease, and their bespoke treatment plans ensure that patient’s expectations are exceeded every time. 

Keep reading to find out more about this highly-rated clinic listed with Dental Departures.

Why Travel to Los Algodones for Dental Treatment?

Los Algodones is the northernmost town in Mexico and is conveniently situated close to the borders of both California and Arizona, just seven miles west of Yuma's airport. The town has earned the reputation of being the “dental capital of the world” as there are more dentists here per capita than anywhere else in the world.

In fact, there are more than 300 clinics in Los Algodones, employing over 900 dentists, earning it the affectionate name of "Molar City". 

Over the last 20 years, dental tourism in Mexico has become one of the most lucrative industries in the country. Patients from all over Canada and the United States are discovering that they can receive superior dental treatments in Mexico AND save as much as 70% on the cost.

With their convenient border location, Los Algodones dentists have rapidly become the most popular choice for discerning North American patients looking to make substantial savings on their annual dental bills but without compromising on the quality of the treatment they receive.


Who Are Simply Dental, Los Algodones?

Simply Dental is an established dental healthcare provider that delivers a comprehensive range of treatments and procedures to both local and international patients alike. The unique spa-like atmosphere that the clinic promotes immediately puts patients at ease and transforms the potentially stressful prospect of dental treatment into a relaxing and hassle-free experience.

Simply Dental specialists and staff are dedicated to making life as easy as possible for their patients by providing a range of non-dental services to ensure that things run smoothly, such as:

  • Their own on-site refreshment center where patients can enjoy bottled water, juice, hot chocolate, tea and gourmet coffee
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot and cold herbal packs for neck support
  • Pillows and warm blankets for spinal support during long visits
  • A 200 CD music list for your listening pleasure
  • Convenient street parking
  • Courtesy calls 48 hours prior to your appointment
  • Flexible payment plans that include Care Credit
  • Cash and personal cheques accepted
  • 24-hour emergency call service

Meet the Doctors

Among the many specialists practicing at Simply Dental are:

  • Dr. Danilo Gaspar is a specialist implantologist and cosmetic dentist. Originally graduating from the University of Baja California as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, he went on to study at the Loma Linda University in California and is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA).

  • Dr. Enrique Lopez Gaspar was born and raised in Mexicali. He graduated with high honors from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the oldest and most prestigious University in Mexico. He has been practicing general dentistry for over 32 years, with extensive experience in every aspect of modern dentistry, including both restorative and cosmetic procedures.

What Treatments Are Available at Simply Dental?

Simply Dental pride themselves on creating individualized treatment plans to suit the specific needs of each and every patient. This process involves not only ascertaining what procedures are required but also looking at other aspects such as budgetary restrictions, your time availability, and personal preferences.

With these factors in mind, Simply Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services that include:

  • Preventive care: The fundamental cornerstone of Simply Dental’s philosophy. Regular tooth cleaning, maintenance, and dental examinations are essential for detecting potential issues that can result in costly procedures further down the line.

  • Bleaching: An increasingly popular service, Simply Dental has perfected the art of delivering excellent results in under one hour with the innovative Zoom 2® bleaching system. They also provide patients with the materials to maintain their new, whiter smile at home after their initial treatment.

  • Bonding: A quick and easy way to fix chips or cracks, close small gaps, and remove discolorations and stains.

  • Crowns and Bridges: If you suffer from unsightly black lines around old crowns or bridges, Simply Dental can supply all-porcelain crowns and bridges that appear and feel as natural as your existing teeth.

  • Invisalign® and Orthodontics: Invisalign is a great way to improve your smile and your bite. These clear, removable braces are virtually undetectable. Perhaps you had already had braces but did not wear your retainer. Simply Dental prosthodontists have many quick ways to correct the shifting or crowding that may have occurred.

  • Veneers: A low-cost, effective alternative to orthodontic surgery that can improve your smile by restoring your teeth’s natural look and improving alignment issues.

  • Dentures: Simply Dental has a range of treatments that can stabilize or adjust existing dentures, or provide brand new partial or full dentures, depending upon individual needs.

  • Implants: Their top specialists can provide a whole range of services, from mini-implant placement to the restoration of a full set of conventional implants.

  • Endodontics: Root canal therapies have undergone massive changes in recent years, and the surgeons at Simply Dental utilize the latest techniques to deliver effective remedies that are quick and painless.

  • White fillings: Silver dental fillings are a thing of the past at Simply Dental: all fillings are natural-looking to match your existing teeth.

  • Extractions: This includes wisdom tooth removal and extractions of otherwise healthy teeth to make way for braces or implants.

  • Emergency care: Simply Dental also has an emergency dental service for patients on the road. So, if you experience any dental problem while on holiday in Mexico, Simply Dental is ready to make every effort to accommodate your needs.

How Do I Book?

Our Customer Care Team is here to help you through the whole process. They can ensure that you benefit from our exclusive Best Price Guarantee promise, and also put you in touch with a variety of independent insurance providers who can arrange additional medical insurance at a preferential rate.

The Dental Departures website provides everything you need to know, such as opening hours, travel directions and reviews from real patients. If you'd like to know more about receiving treatment at Simply Dental, please feel free to contact one of our representatives who will be happy to help.

Or if you are ready to book your appointment you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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