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Dear valued Dental Departures Customer: 

Our team has been keeping close watch on the situation in Thailand and we wanted to provide you another brief update. 

On the morning of May 22nd the Thailand Army took control of the Thai government and imposed martial law. Life is Thailand is back to a new 'normal' and ordinary Thai residents or tourists will hardly notice a change...except for the increased army presence. 

I want to reassure you that dental clinics in Thailand are still open for business and ready to help you get your new smile :) 

What does this mean for you if you are traveling to Thailand? 
-a ban on group meetings of more than 5 people continues 
-army installations set-up at major intersections in Bangkok & Chiang Mai 
-majority of military activity & protests continues to be focused in Bangkok: Phuket/Chiang Mai have been minimally impacted 
-insurance providers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States & the United Kingdom may not cover your travel insurance due to exit clauses as the result of a coup/martial law. Please check with your individual insurance provider prior to traveling on your coverage. 
-the airports are still open and operating 24/7 
-there continues to be no violence reported as part of the coup 

What does this mean for your dental appointment in the next month? 
-Dental Departure's clinics in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai & Pattaya are OPEN 
-Please allot 2X the normal time to get to your dental clinic in Bangkok (to head-off longer travel times due to slower traffic) 
-If you want to avoid the traffic hassles of Bangkok we're happy to reschedule your dental care with our clinics in Phuket & Chiang Mai 

How is Dental Departures here to help? 
-You can contact Dental Departures 24/7 toll free in Thailand using this number 001-800-13-203-2849 
-We have two team members on the ground in Thailand to assist you with your dental care, travel arrangements and any other questions you may have: Thanvara Rudeesuksakul in Bangkok (languages spoken Thai/English) email = Thailand cell = 0824615500, Joanne Goodwin in Phuket/Chiang Mai (language spoken English) email = Thailand cell = 0855716774 

You can contact me personally via email with any questions or concerns you have 

The entire Dental Departures team is here to support you during these interesting times in Thailand! 

- Paul McTaggart, CEO

Amanda Duffy

Amanda Duffy is an expert in the field of medical and dental tourism having written extensively on the subject for a number of years. She is currently a key figure on the editorial team at Medical and Dental Departures.
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