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The cost of oral care in the US is becoming prohibitively expensive for more and more Americans looking to restore their teeth, with the majority opting for less expensive treatments, like dentures, rather than dental implants.

If you’re interested in replacing your pearly whites with an advanced treatment like the All-on-4® treatment concept by Nobel Biocare, Los Algodones on the Mexican border offers a far more affordable alternative.  

Find out how much you can save and discover reputable dentists south of the border with Dental Departures. 

What Is the All-on-4® treatment concept?

The All-on-4® treatment concept by Nobel Biocare is an innovative technique that replaces an entire arch of teeth with just four implants, onto which a custom-made prosthesis is attached.

The four implants are placed at 45-degree angles, providing maximum support—with the replacement crowns looking, feeling and functioning like your natural teeth. The treatment is an option for individuals who lost their teeth due to gum problems, trauma, or other reason.

It provides a number of benefits to patients, such as:

  • Shortened treatment time.
  • Improved comfort and function compared to standard dentures.
  • No need for additional procedures like a bone graft.
  • Ability to improve your facial features by replacing the space left by your missing teeth.

In order to determine if this is best for you, consult a dentist who will carry out a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your medical/dental status. The dentist will discuss the process, cost, and other relevant details.


What's the Cost of Treatment in Los Algodones?

Surprisingly, the cost of a full-arch dental treatment in Los Algodones is lower compared to the US, Canada, and the UK. Take a look at the prices below.

  • Average price in Los Algodones: USD $8,500 (CAD $11,473; UK £6,637)
  • Average price in the US: USD $26,000 (CAD $35,094; UK £20,301)
[Please note that these are estimated prices at the time of writing. See our individual clinic listings for latest prices.]

What About the Quality of Care in Los Algodones?

The best clinics in Los Algodones are comparable with the US and Canada. For example, Sani Dental Group Platinum and Castle Dental offer specialized treatment such as dental implants. Both clinics are members of the American Dental Association (ADA), which means that they comply with global standards and follow strict sterilization processes to give patients safe and effective treatments.

Our partner clinics are equipped with the latest technology including in-house laboratories that can process restorations, such as crowns and dental implants.

Other top clinics in Algodones for full-arch treatment include:

Additional Dental Tourism Services in Algodones

Los Algodones clinics offer dental tourism assisting patients not only with treatment but also with your travel activities. Our best-rated clinics catering to international patients provide transport services, travel advice, and tour packages to help visitors experience a wonderful vacation in Los Algodones and the region.

You can also speak with one of our representatives who can help with other aspects of your trip to Mexico, such as financing options, insurance and hotel bookings. 

Booking with Dental Departures

Bring back your beautiful smile with full-arch dental implant treatment in Los Algodones and save over $10,000 compared to back home. 

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