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Costa Rica has long been a popular holiday destination for Americans seeking to get away from Uncle Sam for a few weeks of swimming in the ocean and basking in the sunshine. There are now many other reasons to visit San Jose in modern times, such as taking advantage of its low-cost dentistry. San Jose , Costa Rica’s capital city, is one such location that has been making a name for itself by offering top-notch dental treatments for a fraction of US prices.

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

If you are online searching for a reliable and trusted destination for dentistry, San Jose in Costa Rica is a destination that needs to be taken seriously. We do not usually think of Central America when discussing medical and dental treatments, but the world is rapidly changing.

The prices in dental treatment centers in the United States have long been grossly overpriced, which has indirectly created dental tourism locations across the world, most notably in Central America and South-East Asia. Americans are only just beginning to realize how affordable it is to travel to places such as Costa Rica for their dental treatments.

San Jose is such an interesting location because it merges a real holiday atmosphere with a handful of top-notch dental clinics that operate to high international levels. These clinics were created with Americans, Canadians and Europeans in mind who seek affordable yet high-quality dentistry. San Jose has some cool hotels and resort, nightlife and solid infrastructure that appeals to Westerners.

Their dental clinics offer some of the best treatments in the world from general and cosmetic dental work, to implantology and other cutting-edge techniques. With highly-trained specialists who are adept at dealing with international clientele, the choice is pretty amazing.

If you are looking for advice on the best dental clinics in San Jose, Costa Rica, here is a list of the most highly-recommended for international patients:

  • Costa Rica All on four

Dental Prices in Costa Rica

Price is a massive factor why so many Americans are leaving the comfortable confines of their state to jump on a plane to Costa Rica. In such times of economic uncertainty, even people who have saved up a decent amount of money are looking for cost-effective solutions across the board.

The price of dental treatments in San Jose is approximately 60% cheaper than in America or Canada across the board. The biggest savings are for dentures and root canals, which are 71% and 65% cheaper respectively than back in your home country. These price differences have tipped the scales and have opened up the market to foreigners who come here to take advantage of the environment.

Here is an example of prices for dental veneers in Costa Rica:

US $ 500 (CAN $543; UK £332; Euro €371; Aus $547; NZ $585),

compared to the prices in the US:

$1,245 (CAN $1,599; UK £932; Euro €1,108; Aus $1,623; NZ $1,667).

When you are looking for a location that merges a world-class holiday environment, cheap prices and quality dentistry, San Jose dental clinics are now frontrunner. Thousands of Americans are making that journey to Central America each year, and you need to do the same!

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