Teeth cleaning: Reliable dentists in Kuala Lumpur


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If you are currently on holiday in Malaysia and are looking for reliable clinics for teeth cleaning, Kuala Lumpur has some of the most trustworthy dental clinics in SE-Asia. It is important that you choose a clinic that is equipped to deal with international patients while operating to the highest levels such as these 3 we have for you today.

Procare Bangsar Dental Surgery

First opened in 1985 and known as one of the longest reigning teeth cleaning clinics in Malaysia, the Procare Bangsar Dental Surgery is known for its reliability and the way it deals with international patients. Although this clinic has been around for over 30 years, in 2013 they enjoyed a refurbishment and a change in ethos that has catapulted them back to the upper echelons of the Malaysian dental tourism scene. If you are looking for a clinic that is not only reliable but offers some of the cheapest teeth cleaning Kuala Lumpur has to offer, this is a clinic you can trust to deliver.

Teeth Cleaning Prices in KL

Teeth cleaning prices in KL’s clinics are very affordable and approximately half the price of the same treatments in the West. If you are already travelling through Kuala Lumpur it only makes sense to take advantage of these prices. Here is an example of the prices for teeth cleaning in Malaysia: US $348 (CAN $444; UK £262; Euro €295; Aus $460; NZ $509), compared to the prices in the US $668 (CAN $825; UK £497; Euro €568; Aus $849; NZ $927

If you are passing through Malaysia and want to save some cash, did you think about taking advantage of the affordable prices for teeth cleaning? Kuala Lumpur is much cheaper than in the West, so take your time to find out about these recommended clinics so you can find a bargain.

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