Teeth Whitening in Bangkok: Cheap, Quick And Easy


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Looking for a brighter smile? Save up to 70% off whitening price in Bangkok with Dental Departures and benefit from top-quality, affordable dental care at a fraction of the price. You will receive the highest levels of clinical care in Thailand’s bustling capital, where you can enjoy a holiday and save hundreds on your laser teeth whitening procedure.


One of the world’s most popular dental tourism magnets, Bangkok is home to world-class facilities, pioneering dental care and warm hospitality that has already seen two million-plus dental visitors over the past 10 years. Brimming with delightful street-food, ancient temples and mega-malls, find, book and choose one of our fully-approved top whitening dentists in Bangkok , whilst relaxing and recuperating in style.


Why Is Bangkok the Ideal Choice for Teeth Whitening?

Patients seeking dental care in Bangkok have easy access to non-stop direct flights across the globe, making superior, cost-effective teeth whitening highly-appealing.


Taking approximately two hours and two visits, laser teeth whitening is not only cheap in Bangkok but can help you get your smile back at half the price. Well-known brands such as Zoom Whitening ®, BriteSmile Whitening ® and Opalescence ® are used at our background-checked clinics by fully-trained dentists.


If you have not done so in a while, a thorough tooth cleaning is required beforehand to remove any tartar and stains. Your dentist will assess the shade of your teeth using a shade chart before a light-activated gel is administered. Eyewear is given for protection before a laser is applied to the gel for approximately 15 minutes. Two types of tooth whitening treatments are available, namely in-surgery laser tooth whitening and at-home whitening.


Clinics in Bangkok - Synopsis


Finding a reputable clinic in Bangkok is a hassle-free process thanks to Dental Departures. Working with fully-approved, certified dentists, we help put your mind at ease by conducting on-site visits and meticulously vet each clinic for stringent hygiene, dental memberships, qualifications and more. Boasting cutting-edge equipment, bilingual staff and modern interiors, teeth whitening patients are assured of a first-class, relaxing experience.


Browse before you book: read verified patients feedback and trusted testimonials, compare prices and check out options to ensure a first-class experience. Notable clinics include Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic , the internationally accredited Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) , Smile Signature , BFC Dental and Ivory Dental Clinic .


How Much Can I Save on Teeth Whitening Compared to Australia or New Zealand?


Save more than 65% on teeth whitening in our listed clinics in Bangkok (or other major cities in Thailand, such as Phuket City, Chiang Mai and Pattaya):


  • Teeth whitening in Australia: $870 AUD

  • Teeth whitening in New Zealand: $894

  • Average teeth whitening price in Bangkok: $215


Why Choose Bangkok for Teeth Whitening?


Bangkok’s magnetic appeal attracts overseas patients from all over the world seeking top-notch care at a fraction of the cost back home. Clinical expertise and dental knowledge is outstanding with a host of international flights making dental clinics here extremely convenient.


Home to 12 million people, Bangkok is known as the “Land of the Smiles.” Whether it’s a spot of retail therapy, a busy night-market in Patpong or rooftop dining in a five-star hotel, Bangkok is filled with options to make up for time spent in the dental chair! Discover the Grand Palace, floating market or experience the narrow streets of Chinatown. A short ride on the BTS (Skytrain) will take you to the hedonistic area of Sukhumvit, renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene.


Dazzle friends and family with your new smile and combine a memorable trip with superior, cost-effective teeth whitening in Bangkok.


Staying in Bangkok


Choose from numerous budget-friendly accommodation options in Bangkok around the diverse Sukhumvit area where patients can find a host of local amenities and easy access to public transportation.


Due to congestion, patients should book lodging near to their chosen dental clinic. Many of our clinics also offer discounted rates on partner hotels.


How Do I Book Teeth Whitening in Bangkok?


Find, book and choose a quality-checked teeth whitening dentist in Bangkok today . Uncover exclusive discounts and our best price guarantee to enjoy unbeatable deals. Reserve online, or contact us via online chat, e-mail or our toll-free number for any queries about teeth whitening in Bangkok.

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