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Thailand is one of the top dental destinations on the planet.  Thailand continues to exert its dominance as a top global dental tourism destination of choice.   Some of Thailand’s best dentists can be found in Bangkok for an appointment.  Visitors travel from all over the globe to visit Thailand dentists to receive their dental care.

Visitors to Thailand experience a superb level of dental care which is comparable to and in some cases better than what they would experience at home.  Travelers to Thailand can generally save up to 70% on their dental care..

Dentists in Thailand perform all standard dental procedures: implants, crowns, veneers, extractions, root canals, dentures, teeth whitening, braces, fillings & bridges.  Thailand dentists are known world round for modern dental clinics and their expertise performing dental implants.  

The major centers for dental tourism in Thailand are:  Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai & Koh Samui.  Bangkok has by far the largest number of Thailand dental clinics and dentists.  The dental clinics in Bangkok range from one small dental clinic with three dental chairs to whole five story building housing 75+ dentists of all specialties.

Dentists in Thailand are regulated & registered with the Thai Dental Council and are members of the Dental Association of Thailand.

Tens of thousands of dental patients from Australia, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom visit Thailand dentists to receive quality dental care every year.

Thailand gives dental patients the ability to receive world class dental care and the opportunity to experience amazing beaches, culture and fabulous all in one country.  Thailand is clearly establishing itself as a major destination for global dental care.

Thailand Visa Requirements

Foreign Visas
Almost all western nations are able to receive an instant & free 30 day tourist visa upon arriving in Thailand.  To learn more about visa requirements please visit the Thai Immigration Bureau.

Thailand Transportation

Taxis in Thailand are plentiful and are the preferred way to travel as a visitor.  Renting a rental care is not the norm when visiting Thailand and once you see the traffic in Thailand you will understand why

Public Transportation
Thailand has a large bus network which will take you from place to place for a reasonable cost.   In Bankok the preffered option to avoid traffic is to select light rail either above ground or below ground with the MTS.

You can find motor cycle taxis which will wisk you to your destination on major street corners wearing red vests.  They are a quick option to avoid traffic

Tuk Tuk
Thailand’s Tuk Tuk’s are indeed a fun experience but only for the well travelled.  It is very easy to pay way too much money to travel via tuk tuk:  hard negotiation and local knowlege of regular rates are required

Public phones are still plentiful but like everywhere they are slowly growing harder to find as people adopt cell phones.  The preferred methods to communicate with home are:  
  1. buy a prepaid SIM card an insert into your cell phone for cheap domestic and international calls 
  2. use the internet to call home via Skype or Google Chat
Internet access
Thailand has plentiful options to access the internet through your hotel, dental offices or cyber cafes.  You will not need to go far to find free wifi access or paid internet service.

Thailand Dental Regulators
Thailand Foreign Embassies

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