The 3 Best Dental Clinics in Cancun


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Cancun’s emergence as a world-class provider of some of the best dentists and implantologists has seen a recent surge of North American patients flock to this idyllic destination.

For high-quality, affordable dentistry, Cancun is becoming more accessible for dental tourists, with convenient travel, majestic beaches, first-rate specialists and a plethora of accommodation choices.

What Could I Save When Visiting a Cancun Dentist?

Overhead costs are far cheaper in Cancun, meaning patients can enjoy dramatic reductions on dental care. Quality is not compromised, as we list only highly-skilled dentists who use the most modern techniques and instruments.

Compared to expected costs across the US and Canada, you will be taken aback at how much you can save across a range of procedures including dental implants in Cancun.

  • Avg. cost of a single dental implant in the US: $3,913 USD
  • Avg. cost of a single dental implant in Canada: $5,026 CAD
  • At a dentist in Cancun: $1,491 USD

Making an appointment for dental implants in Cancun will save you as much as 70%. For veneers, the savings are even higher, up to 80%. The All-on-4® treatment concept and dental fillings can also save you more than 60% compared to back home.


Top Dental Implant Clinics in Cancun

Dental tourism patients are never far from one of our Cancun Mexico dentist clinics. However, with hundreds of facilities of varying reliability dotted around Cancun, choosing the ideal practitioner can be a minefield. Dental Departures makes the entire process stress-free as we leave nothing to chance, verifying and vetting a range of components as part of our four-part review from dental licenses to overseeing clinical quality.

We feature only the finest dental implant clinics in Cancun; here are three of the best.

  • Cancun Dental Specialists is a top-rated dental implant clinic with an impressive 5 stars from 160-plus reviews. A Dental Departures Global Choice Awards Winner, CDS is conveniently located in the popular Hotel Zone. An American Dental Association (ADA) member, this modern clinic boasts oral surgeons, restorative specialists, endodontists, periodontists and general dentists with a collective 90 years of dental experience!

  • Another highly reputable, award-winning clinic is Dental Evolution with 5-star ratings from every patient visit. Moments from Cancun’s powdery-white beaches, their expert team offers an all-encompassing range of cost-effective, premium dental services to overseas patients.

  • Situated near Marina Town and Puerto Cancun is the new-generation Dental Studio Design. Providing a hand-picked team of clinical specialists, this forward-thinking clinic has invested in up-to-the-minute technologies such as Carl Zeiss® dental microscopes, laser dentistry and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/manufacture) technology. Thanks to a fully-owned in-house lab, results are faster, allowing you more time to explore Cancun and the iconic Riviera Maya.

What's Next?

If you are considering dental implants in Cancun, speak to our dedicated Customer Care Team who are standing by to answer or assist with any queries. When you are ready, see below for ways to get in touch or book online with Dental Departures today.


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This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be dental advice or instructions for dental diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your dentist or a qualified dental professional before starting or changing dental treatment