The 5 Top Dental Clinics in George Town for Full-Arch Restorations


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Malaysia has many clinics offering oral care to international patients since embracing a policy to promote dental tourism into the country. The appealing feature in dental tourism to Malaysia is the extremely affordable prices for the treatments. The clinics use up-to-date dental equipment and provide world-class dental services.

Dental clinics are scattered around Malaysia but the top dental clinics in George Town for all on 4 and all on 6 offer exceptional services.

Among the treatments demanded by dental tourists are the All-on-4® treatment concept and all-on-6 implants. These procedures are an alternative to dentures and bridges for those who have lost teeth due to decay or accidents. These dental implant treatments can look quite natural and function as natural teeth do.

This will provide the most natural speech and give you the ability to eat any foods which you could with real teeth.

The procedure involves the surgical insertion of 4 or 6 titanium posts into the upper or lower jaw to act as artificial tooth roots. The bridge is then attached to deliver a natural-looking set of teeth.

Dental Departures provide background information about clinics and their dentists, including their qualifications and training. We assist all our clients in addressing their dental concerns starting from answering their basic inquiries to ensuring they enjoy their travel and appointment to their clinic. We provide a help desk where patients can ask questions and address concerns or doubts they may have.

George Town offers amazing deals to dental tourists. What is the best part? Prices for all their treatments are significantly lower than those typically offered in Australia and New Zealand, allowing dental tourists from these nations to make great savings.






All-on-4® treatment concept


$ 35,500.00

$ 32,000.00


$ 7,258.00

$ 9,924.00

$ 9,155.00









$ 38,706.00

$ 36,000.00


$ 8,258.00

$ 11,291.00

$ 10,416.00







It is not surprising that a growing number of patients are coming to George Town. Take a look at some of its best dental clinics that we recommend.

  • Wong and Sim Dental Surgery offer a wide-range of treatments with absolute precision, skill and dedication. It delivers personalized care in its comfortable facility with the help of their state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Loh Dental Penang clinic makes customized treatments available to maintain and preserve their patient’s dental health. Restore your astonishing smile with Loh Dental clinic.
  • Klinik Pergigian Rohani – Gelugor has a team of dental specialists who perform complicated procedures such as implants and oral and maxillofacial surgery

A trip to Malaysia is meaningful if you combine it with oral care. Get your implant treatments from top dental clinics in George Town for full-arch restorations at low prices. With these clinics, showcase and be proud of your “million-dollar” smile.


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