The Best 3 Dental Crowns Clinics in Thailand


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Searching for high-quality, inexpensive, crowns dentists in Thailand ? Want to regain those pearly whites? Save more than 60% on cheap dental crowns with Dental Departures and combine a once in a lifetime vacation to the “Land of the Smiles”


Let us help take the sting out of expensive treatment thanks to our quality-checked, affordable Thai dentists. We can make you smile again with top-notch, superior dental crowns at a fraction of the price.


Combine breathtaking scenery, diverse landscape and ancient temples with top-notch care while taking advantage of world-class facilities, a thriving tourism sector and some of the world’s best-trained dentists.


Why Choose Thailand for Dental Care?


With a well-established dental tourism sector, Thailand is at the forefront of dental care. Fierce international patient demand for dental care means clinics strive to offer the very best clinical services and amenities at surprisingly low prices.

Our background-checked Thai dentists are fully-registered and regulated by the Thai Dental Council and Thailand Ministry of Public Health. Our best Thai dentists are well-respected and undergo rigorous training abroad in places such as the US, the UK or Australia.


Patients can expect the same quality of clinical treatment as they would receive at home, whilst our fully-approved Thai clinics boast an extensive range of facilities from English-speaking staff to panoramic x-ray and CT scanning equipment.


Catering to overseas patients, its unique service culture and inexpensive, superior clinical quality make Thailand extremely appealing.


Clinics in Thailand—Overview


Dental Departures ensure the decision-making process of finding a Thai dentist seamless. We meticulously vet every clinic before appearing on our site and even perform on-site visits so every quality and service box is ticked beforehand. We check clinical excellence, hygiene, dental qualifications and memberships, assuring patients of first-class dental experience.


Our top three dental clinics feature Bangkok International Dental Center and—both have been awarded prestigious JCI accreditation , which means these facilities conform to the same standards of care you would find in the United States. Providing more than 50 treatment rooms, on-site labs and patient amenities such as free internet access, a first-rate patient and service experience awaits you. A third highly-regarded Thai clinic includes Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic , one of a network of Malo Clinics with branches in 53 cities around the world, including Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.


What Is the Price of Dental Care Compared to Home?


Save more than 65% on the dental crowns price Thailand compared to home:


  • Dental crowns cost in Australia: $1,505 AUD

  • Dental crowns cost in New Zealand: $1,545 NZD

  • Average dental crowns cost in Thailand: $400


Why Choose Thailand?


Powdery-white beaches, historical artefacts, mouth-watering cuisine and affordable dental care are some of the reasons why Thailand welcomes millions of visitors every year. Now a dental tourism leader, Thailand provides the perfect destination to relax and recover with cost-effective, top-notch dental care.


Getting to Thailand is also extremely convenient and affordable, with numerous international flights toBangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Pattaya .

Thailand has something for everyone. Whether a chicken pad Thai, an authentic kickboxing match or a rejuvenating Thai massage, there is plenty to see and do in this Southeast Asian travel hub. Enjoy trekking and elephant-riding or discover the hidden charms in and around Chiang Mai. For the ideal dental trip, relax and recuperate on one of Thailand’s many beaches like Ao Bang Thao and Hat Surin.


Where To Stay in Thailand


An abundance of accommodation choices awaits you when you visit Thailand , suiting all budgets and styles.


Due to Bangkok’s traffic snarls, patients should reserve lodging close to their chosen clinic. Our Customer Care team can assist with your travel arrangements, whilst there are complimentary accommodation options nearby.


What’s The Next Step?


Search our extensive listings to find, book and choose a quality-checked dentist in Thailand . Browse virtual clinic tours, compare prices, view maps and take advantage of our best price guarantee . For further information about superior, affordable dental crown care in Thailand, contact our dedicated Customer Care Team today.

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