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Mexicans aren't just known for their spicy burritos and sexy dance moves. They are also becoming increasingly well known for their dental skills.

This is because of the rapid expansion of Mexico’s dental tourism industry. The country has risen to meet the demands of numerous international travelers by offering high-quality treatments in modern Western-style clinics.

These treatments are very inexpensive, which is a major drawcard for many dental tourists.

The Dental Capital of Mexico

Los Algodones is the most popular town in Mexico, and possibly the world, to undertake dental treatment. It is located at the top of Mexico, right on the border with Arizona and California.

Dentistry is the main industry in the small town and you will see clinics everywhere you look.

You will find that it is overrun with foreigners and practically all of them are there for health care services: mainly dentistry but also to visit pharmacies and optometrists.


The Best Dentists in Mexico

There are good and bad dentists in every country with Mexico being no exception. Everyone has different needs and expectations, therefore the dentist you use should reflect this. Also, Mexican dental clinics often specialize in only one or two areas, so it’s best to pick the appropriate one for the treatment you require.

Established clinics with good reputations are where Mexico's best dentists are located. With so many options in Los Algodones, it can be hard to select the right one. However, as far as quality, pricing, technology, and patient satisfaction are concerned, the best clinics to consider are Sani Dental, Castle Dental and CIRO Dental.

  • The Sani Dental Group has three clinics located in Los Algodones. Each one offers different specializations. The clinics are regarded as some of the best in Mexico. This is due to their unprecedented track record in outstanding dental service, dating back to 1985.
  • Castle Dental is also an esteemed clinic offering specialized cosmetic and implant services. The clinic is one of the most modern in Los Algodones. If you require repairs to your smile or any form of implants, they are the experts to visit.
  • Last but not least of the top Los Algodones clinics is CIRO Dental. They are masters of implants and general dentistry. Consider them as one of the best dentists in Mexico.

The Real Reason

The main reason everyone is rushing to the town is to save money on dentistry and some other health care services. There is little other reason to go there. Don't expect nightlife, beaches, tourism activities, or much else to attract travelers. However, the ridiculous saving more than makes up for this. You can usually save around 60-70%, depending on where you're from and what treatment you undertake.

Easy Arrival

Getting to Mexico is extremely easy for most people. You just wander in. If you're are planning on going to Los Algodones you can drive to the border, park your car, and walk 5-min to the town. For those further afield, it is also easy to fly in. Just remember your passport so you can get back home after your dental treatment.

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