The Philippines, a Top Destination for Dental Crowns


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How do you feel about saving up to 80% of your dental crowns budget while vacationing in the Philippines? With Dental Departures, it is absolutely possible, and many of our patients have done it! Check out our dental crowns reviews in the Philippines to find out how you too can save on your dental crowns in the Philippines.

Why Get Dental Crowns in the Philippines?

A lot of people tend to travel to the Philippines for dental tourism, and this for many reasons. At the very top of the list, you have pricing. Whether you’re going to Manila, Davao City or Angeles City, you will get amazing deals on your dental crowns in the Philippines by working with Dental Departures. Our patients have had savings ranging from 50 - 80% of their original budget. On top of that, there are great clinics you can choose from, and you can tailor your experience based on the area where you want to visit. Moreover, the care received is top-notch as you get to work with board-certified and expert dentists, like at the Smile More Dental Clinic. 

Where to Get Dental Crowns in the Philippines?

There are many great and top rated dental clinics that we work with in the Philippines, and they all provide outstanding patient satisfaction, based on our dental crowns reviews in the Philippines.

One of these clinics, the Bonifacio Dental Center (Angeles City), has been existence for 20 years now and is a well-known dental clinic for local and international patients. The center is led by Dr. Joseph Alfie T. Bonifacio and Dr. Michelle M. Bonifacio, both bilingual providers with a great deal of international training and experience in general and aesthetic dentistry.

The Smile MakeOver Dental & Aesthetic Center is also another top rated dental clinic in Angeles City, and a GPC (Global Patient Choice Award) winner, an award given by Dental Departures as a result of excellent patient satisfaction.

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost in the Philippines?

On average, Dental Departures patients can save up to 80% on the cost of their dental crowns. Although the price of dental crowns can vary based on the clinic you choose, it still remains significantly lower than what you’d pay in the USA and Canada.

For instance, at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic in Caloocan, dental crowns cost starts at USD 192 (CAD 259; EUR 179; GBP 150; AUD 255; NZD 273) compared to USD 1,000 (CAD 1,350; EUR 932; GBP 781; AUD 1,326; NZD1,422) in the USA and Canada.

Another top ranked clinic, the Tooth & Go Dental clinic (in Paranaque city), offers dental crowns at prices starting at USD 300 (CAD 405; EUR 280; GBP 234; AUD 398; NZD 427). They also use a different type of dental crowns. As you can see, you get to save big on your dental crowns, regardless of the clinic you opt for.

Now that you’ve checked out our dental crowns reviews in the Philippines, you’re definitely, you’re one step closer to getting the crowns you’ve always wanted! By getting your dental crowns in the Philippines , you get to make huge savings, benefit from the best experience and enjoy an awesome vacation at one of Dental Departures’ top destinations. Who would want to miss out on that?


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