The Quality of Dental Implants in Thailand


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Dental Implants in Thailand

The dental implant procedure is an alternative solution for those who have lost their teeth due to gum problem or injury. This involves the insertion of substitute tooth roots into the jawbone with replacement teeth on top. The implants serve as substitute tooth roots attached to the crowns or bridge. Dental implants are stable and natural looking. Find out if this is right treatment for you by consulting a dentist in Thailand.

Quality of Care in Thailand

Clinics in Thailand offer advanced treatment like implants. Most of the dental facilities are located near the scenic attractions convenient to tourists. The procedures are handled by internationally certified dentists who are graduates of top universities in the UK, USA, and USA with certification from the following:


  • American Board of Oral Implantology and Implant Dentistry

  • American Board of Prosthodontics

  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

  • The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

  • American College of Prosthodontics

Checkout the top clinics in Thailand that provide superior oral care.

  • Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is the largest private dental facility in the region equipped with modern technology. It offers advanced treatment like dental implants handled by internationally certified specialists.

  • Bangkok Smile Malo Dental Clinic has group of highly trained specialists that uses the latest techniques in dentistry. It has an in-house laboratory that process dental work in a short time

  • Thantakit International Dental Center is the longest established dental center in Bangkok that offers Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, and other treatments. The clinic also has built-in laboratory that produce crowns and other dental work.

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