The Top 4 Reasons For a Playa del Carmen Dental Trip


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It can be difficult to choose the best destination to get safe dentistry. Playa del Carmen provides this, as well as many other benefits to the dental tourist. Let's discover the top four reasons that make the beachside Mexican town the perfect place for your dental needs.

1. You Will Be in Expert Hands

If you pay a visit to one of the top-rated dentists in the town (such as Dental House Playa or Bokanova Riviera Maya), you will be in the safest and most professional hands. Both these clinics have dentists trained to an international standard, as well as modern facilities and high-tech instrumentation.

Other top-rated dental establishments are the Fresh Dental Studio and Dental Design - Dr. Ruben Moran. If you have kids in need of expert treatment, then consider Dental Kids Playa. This clinic specializes in ridding children of their dental ailments. The staff members are kid-friendly, and your child will feel calm and safe the entire time.

2. You Will Pay the Lowest Prices

What's the number one reason to travel to Playa del Carmen? To pay the lowest dentistry prices. Everything is so much more affordable than back home, which dramatically changes what is available to the average person. Dental treatment that's not covered by insurance can be impossible to afford in the US and Canada, causing folks to needlessly endure pain and other discomforts, including prolonged poor health. Options exist, however, by taking a trip to Mexico. Have a look at the tables below to see how much you can save on cross-border dental care:


Price in the US

Price in Playa del Carmen

Total Savings

Laser Teeth Whitening




Porcelain Veneer




Titanium Implant




All-on-4® treatment concept









Price in Canada

Price in Playa del Carmen

Total Savings

Laser Teeth Whitening




Porcelain Veneer




Titanium Implant




the All-on-4® treatment concept








Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.

3. You Can Enjoy a Relaxing Holiday

This coastal resort town is the perfect place to relax and recover from your dental surgery. The beach is the main area people flock, for swimming and sunbathing. Along this beachfront strip, you will find restaurants, shops, bars, and even nightclubs, providing great opportunities for some shopping, dining, and drinking while overlooking the ocean.

you will also discover accommodations options for all budgets, with the same great views. You will still find Playa del Carmen’s nightly rates to be very affordable, just like its dental services.

4. You Will Return Home with a New Smile

This is the best result of all. You will end up with a brilliant new smile after the completion of your affordable and safe dentistry. Playa Del Carmen truly makes for the perfect dental getaway when you combine all its benefits together. So why not save thousands, transform your teeth, and enjoy a beachside holiday!

So How Do I Get Started?

If you'd like to know more about receiving dental treatment in Playa del Carmen, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team; we are happy to help any time of the day or night. There's never a charge for our services.


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