Dental care in Costa Rica typically costs 50-70% less than the same treatment in the United States and Canada.  Numerous factors affect this difference.

Do Costa Rican dentists use cheaper materials?  
No!  On the contrary, the dentists in Costa Rica use the same brand-name materials for implants, crowns, dentures and teeth whitening as a dentist in the US, UK, Australia or Canada.  They pay the same prices for their materials and offer the newest available materials on the market

Do Costa Rican dentists use the same equipment and technology?
Absolutely!  Browse through the photo galleries of the clinics in Costa Rica on Dental Departures, and you will see for yourself how clean and modern the dental clinics are.  They utilize the newest technology available to diagnose and treat your dental needs.  Dentists in Costa Rica use the latest equipment: endodontic microscopes used in root canals, digital panoramic x-rays, laser teeth whitening machines, and state-of-the-art 3D CT scanners.  Also, the majority of dental surgeons and prosthodontists received their specialty training at elite dental schools in the United States.

If they use the same materials and technology, what accounts for the price difference?
Well, the cost of living is much lower in Costa Rica.  The dentists can pay their staff less money, while still hiring highly qualified individuals.  Also, dentists in Costa Rica pay less for liability insurance and the cost of a lease and property taxes is much lower.  However, the primary reason for the difference in price can be attributed to the basic profit margin that Costa Rican dentists are happy to take. The average dentist in Costa Rica does not take home a salary close to that amount and does not mark up their prices by nearly as much.

Where can I find an excellent dentist in Costa Rica?
Check out the excellent, hand-selected dentists in Costa Rica on Dental Departures!  Compare prices, credentials, patient reviews, and clinic photos.  Request a quote, speak with the dentists, and book an appointment all in one place.