Where to Get Your Dental Crowns in Guadalajara


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If you are seeking affordable dental crowns within a reasonable price while enjoying an exotic vacation in Mexico, below are a few of our best dentists in Guadalajara.

ProClinic Dental

ProClinic Dental was founded by Dr. Alfredo Aguero-Gallo, a board-certified dental surgeon from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and a specialist in Oral Rehabilitation, Prosthetics and Dental Implants from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. Dr. Aguero-Gallo has, for 11 years, provided top-notch dental care to local and international patients who travelled to Guadalajara for a wide variety of dental procedures, including dental crowns. ProClinic Dental is one of the top-rated clinics in Guadalajara, and received the Global Patients Choice Award for 2017 (given to clinics that have maintained a patient satisfaction score higher o 4/5 or higher and are highly rated by Dental Departures patients). Whilst the average crown price list in other countries goes as follow: USD 500 (CAD 636, GBP 385, EUR 437, AUD 644, NZD 682); crown prices at ProClinic Dental start at USD 50 (CAD 67, GBP 39, EUR 47, AUD 66, NZD 71).


DentAll clinic was established in Guadalajara in 2010, and has since then provided top-notch dental care to patients traveling to Mexico for dental procedures. The clinic is located at Isla Cozumel 2685-A (Jardines de la Cruz), Guadalajara, Jalisco, 44950 and is staffed by expert dental providers such as Dr. Leonardo Lara, board-certified prosthodontist and member of the Jalisco Prosthodontists Society. Dental crowns prices at DentAll start at USD 43, (CAD 58, GBP 34, EUR 40, AUD 57, NZD 61).

Clinica Dental Leend

Clinica Dental Leend is another highly rated destination for dental crowns in Guadalajara. Located at Elite Tower Av. Empresarios 12, 15th floor, Jalisco, the clinic is staffed by experts in dental surgery, general dental care and oral rehabilitation. Dr. Claudia Sanchez is one of the general dentists at that clinic. 

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