Tijuana Offers Low Cost, Safe All-On-6 Dental Treatments


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Save up to 75% off dental procedures in Tijuana compared to prices at home with Dental Departures. Search, choose and book a quality-checked dentist south of the border for high-quality procedures at attractive prices.

From root canals and cavity fillings to teeth whitening and more complex dental procedures, like All-on-6 implant treatment, our fully-approved clinics handle an extensive range of specialist dental care and procedures.

Why Is Tijuana So Appealing for Dental Treatment? 

Bordering San Diego, Tijuana is popular with many American and Canadian patients, due to its proximity and for those seeking affordable, professional dental services. Furthermore, it is easily accessible for millions of Southern Californians and Arizonans making a dental visit convenient and inexpensive.

Globally, more than 300,000 patients drive or fly in to Tijuana to combine major discounts with a rejuvenating vacation, retail therapy and a place to unwind, pre and post-treatment.

For many, it is about dental quality, price and convenience which Tijuana offers. With more than 25 clinics available, our All-on-6 dentists in Tijuana have been thoroughly vetted for clinical quality.

Top Dental Departures clinics including Dr. Dalia Dental Care are experienced in catering to an international clientele and will go the extra mile, ensuring a first-rate customer experience.


What About the Level of Treatment I Will Receive in Tijuana?

Boasting high-tech facilities, cutting-edge equipment, English-speaking staff and fully-trained dentists, we have an impressive array of All-on-6 reviews for Tijuana clinics. These feature Harmony Dental Studio and Advanced Smiles Dentistry, offering an extensive range of general preventative care and specialist dental services.

What Is the Price of Dental Treatment Compared to Home?

American and Canadian patients can save up to 75% off the All-on-6 price in Tijuana.

The cost of a single dental crown averages about $1,200 in the US, compared to approximately $300 in Tijuana.

For patients requiring more complex treatments, such as multiple implants or full mouth reconstruction, you will realize significant savings that could shave thousands of dollars off your treatment.

Why Choose Tijuana?

Dubbed the “most crossed border in the world,” patients can expect the full dental travel experience in Tijuana. What better way to relax and recover with a vacation in one of Mexico’s most popular destinations. Along with top-notch, inexpensive treatment, Tijuana is in the midst of a transformation into a rich melting pot of commercial enterprise, cultural diversity, nightlife and a thriving dining scene.

Tijuana’s facelift has also spawned an emerging urban art scene: head to Avenue La Revolución or Zona Rio for a wealth of modern galleries and hipster cafes. Meanwhile, the Plaza Fiesta is the ideal destination to grab a craft beer and “Tijuana Renaissance” cuisine.

How to Book?

Our quality-screened, dental clinics can provide you with outstanding dental care at affordable rates. Browse our clinic photos, virtual tours and enjoy our exclusive discounts. Book with Dental Departures and enjoy a high-quality dentist in Tijuana at the best prices—guaranteed


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