Top 3 Dentists in Bangkok and Why They Are Popular


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Want to know the top dentists in Bangkok? Dental Departures awarded the Global Patients’ Choice Awards to these three outstanding clinics in Bangkok. Read on and know about their services.

1. Bangkok International Dental Center or BIDC is Thailand’s award winning chain of clinics and one of Bangkok’s largest private dental centre. BIDC is certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It received various awards and accolades such as:

  • Best Service Provider – Prime Minister Export Award by Royal Thailand Government

  • ·rusted Quality Award – Thailand Trustmark by Department of International Trade and Promotion of Thailand (DITP)

  • DBD Award – Department of Business Development by Ministry of Commerce of Thailand

  • Global Health and Travel Awards at Asia Pacific Healthcare and Medical Tourism Congress and Customer Service Awards


BIDC has partner clinics that treat residents and visitors offering high quality dental services, internationally trained specialists, and ultramodern technology in a comfortable environment. The centre has more than 20 treatment rooms equipped with on-site laboratories including sterilization equipment. BIDC specializes in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and dentures. It also offers General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Gum Care, Root Canals, including Oral Surgery. The clinic adheres to stringent sterilization procedures based on American Dental Association (ADA).

2. Bangkok Smile Dental Group (BSD) is also an award-winning clinic that is certified by JCI and ISO. Since BSD is part of Malo Clinic, patients can access another dentist in Malo Clinic network in their home country for follow-up or in the least likely that an issue arises.

BSD has a roster of Bangkok dentists who completed their studies in the UK, US, and Thailand. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology complete with in-house laboratory that quickly produces impressive crowns, veneers and other restorations. It follows strict sterilization protocol. BSD offers world-class dental services such as Dental Implants, Smile Makeover, Laser Teeth Whitening, Clear Braces, Gum Treatment, Root Canal Treatment, and Oral Surgery. It also offers patients the following:

  • International Safety Standards

  • International Treatment Protocol and Standards

  • Research Based and Authentic Treatments

  • Improved Customer Service

3. Smile Signature is the leading dental centre in Thailand that provides gentle, efficient patient care using advanced technology. The clinic is certified by the ISO and ADA. It has more than 35 treatment rooms, 8 dental centers, 100 dentists, specialists, and implantologists in Bangkok and Phuket. The team is comprised of specialists who finished their studies from well-known institutions in the US, UK, and Australia. Smile signature covers a full-range of services that include

  • General Dentistry

  • Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Orthodontics

  • Root Canal Treatment

  • Periodontics (Gum Surgery)

  • Pedodontics (children’s dentistry)

  • Oral Surgery (Tooth Extraction, Bone Graft)

Smile Signature has custom-built laboratory equipped with CAD/CAM technology that delivers natural-looking ceramic crowns and veneers in just a short period. In order to provide safe and high-quality treatment, the clinic complies with strict sterilization procedures.

BIDC, Bangkok Smile Dental Group and Smile Signature provide exceptional dental service making them the top clinics in Thailand.

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