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San Jose is the capital of the remarkable Costa Rica, a unique and exciting Central American country. The city's convenient location draws in tourists from North America, as well as the rest of the world.

It is internationally acclimated as an ecotourism destination, with an astounding array of national parks, consisting of inspiring jungles and mountains. These national parks contain unique flora and fauna, that can't be experienced in any other country. As demonstrated by its name, Costa Rica also has a lot of coastline. Beautiful beaches are available to provide much-needed rest and recuperation.

There is another reason to travel to San Jose: dentistry. The city has some of the best dental clinics in the world, however, not all are created equal. For peace of mind, it is recommended to only visit one of the best clinics in the city. These clinics offer the highest-quality treatment at the best prices. Read on to discover the top three.


Fix Your Smile

San Jose is the ultimate destination to get dentistry done. Cosmetic and general dentistry services are available to completely transform your smile. Their dentists will fully examine your teeth to identify all issues. They do this by using the latest x-ray and scanning technology. A treatment plan will then be developed and implemented. The outcome will leave you with a new and youthful smile.

Easy on the Wallet

A major reason to select San Jose for dentistry is the prices. By choosing the right clinic you will receive high-quality treatment at rock-bottom prices. The savings can make you stagger from shock: usually 30-70%. This is because Costa Rica is a very cheap country to live in. Labor and materials are inexpensive, resulting in low prices for health care services. Take a peek at the table below to see how much you could save.



San Jose

Simple Extraction (USD)



Composite Filling (USD)



Full Denture (USD)



Small Bone Graft (USD)



Zirconia Crown (USD)



Root Canal (USD)



What are the Top Three?

When determining the best dentists in San Jose, quality, professionalism, and price must be taken into account. There are dozens of quality clinics in the city, however, these three exceed expectations on all accounts.

1. Prisma Dental

2. Costa Rica All on Four

3. Clinica Mario Garita

Each clinic is fully equipped with the best technology and staffed by the best dentists. These dentists are experts in their field as well as being fluent in English. This makes communication easy, so that the best result can be obtained, in a friendly and comfortable environment. Whether it be cosmetics, implants or any other dental need, you can be assured of receiving the best professional service.

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Prisma Dental , Costa Rica All on Four , and Clinica Mario Garita can all be contacted by online messenger, email, or phone. Get in contact today if you need assistance with your dental needs. Experience amazing dentistry combined with the trip of a lifetime.

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