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Want to improve your self-esteem and appearance? Looking for top-notch, inexpensive dental care at a fraction of the price? Save more than 50% on low cost dental implants in Costa Rica with Dental Departures and enjoy our best price guarantee for an unbeatable deal on your mouth makeover, or any other treatment you might be seeking.

Steeped in history and culture with lush rainforests and diverse terrain, you can search, choose and book one of our fully-approved top 5 dental implants clinics in Costa Rica for outstanding clinical result.

Combine top-notch, affordable treatment with a relaxing vacation and see for yourself why Costa Rica is fast becoming a popular dental tourism destination.

Why Choose Costa Rica for Dental Implants?

With millions struggling to afford high-care dental costs at home, patients have the chance to benefit from Costa Rica’s burgeoning dental tourism sector and lower cost of living, saving upwards of 40%. Costa Rica has embraced the dental tourism market and is proving to be an ideal destination for cross-border patients seeking cost-effective, superior care along with a vacation or chill recovery in a rainforest inn or sun-drenched beach resort. 

For decades, North Americans and Canadians have been flocking to this exotic location for a range of complex dental procedures, superior clinical care and warm hospitality. Costa Rica boasts some of the best dental care in the America’s, including implantologists (implants, crowns and bridges), endodontists (root canals) and prosthodontists (braces).

Numerous airlines provide flights across major US and Canadian cities, an important time- and money-saver if patients need to return for further dental implant treatment.

Expect world-class clinical care in Costa Rica with our selection of background-checked dentists, many of whom have undertaken training in the US, with memberships to organizations such as the American Dental Association.

Boasting cutting-edge equipment, English-speaking staff and modern interiors, our well-established Costa Rican clinics are the ideal solution for superior, inexpensive dental care.

Clinics in Costa Rica—an Overview

Dental Departures is here to guide you through every step of the decision-making process. We meticulously vet each clinic before they appear on our site and perform on-site visits so no stone is left unturned, to help ensure you a first-rate experience.

Browse before you book: check out virtual clinic tours, high-res images, memberships, dental qualifications and verified patient testimonials. Five highly-reputable clinics with competitive prices include

What is the Price of Dental Care Compared to the US and Canada?

Save up to 55% on dental implants cost in Costa Rica compared to home:

  • Dental implant cost in the US: $3,913

  • Dental implant cost in Canada: $5,026

  • Average dental implant cost in Costa Rica: $1,780


Why Choose Costa Rica?

Costa Rica's awe-inspiring landscape, powdery-white beaches and close proximity to North America make this exotic location irresistible for patients searching for low-cost, high-quality dental care. 

With significant resources injected into Costa Rica’s local healthcare infrastructure, dental travel has taken off as well, particularly among North Americans seeking to escape the prohibitively high costs of dental care at home.

Brimming with national parks and UNESCO Word Heritage Sites , Costa Rica caters to the modern dental traveler. An abundance of activities awaits tourists such as trekking, hiking and whitewater rafting, while you can also explore its rainforests or dive in the adjoining Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Patients can fly into Aeorpuerto Internacional Juan Santamaria, providing an easy gateway to exploring this incredible country. 

Relax and recover in style on Costa Rica’s best beaches situated around Punta Uva and Puerto Limon. Visit San José’s throngs of museums and galleries or hit a driver down some of Costa Rica’s world-class golf courses.

Staying in Costa Rica

A variety of accommodation choices await dental travelers , suiting all wallets and budgets from beach-friendly resorts to swanky five-star hotels. It is advisable to book prior to the high-season, between December and April. Discover an abundance of top-notch, affordable dental clinics in San José, not to mention several budget-friendly hotels. Escazú offers an extensive collection of luxury American hotels, apartments and cheap airbnb rentals.


Dental patients have access to specialist “recovery lodging,” with extra facilities including dedicated clinic ground transportation and on-site nurses. Through your reservation with Dental Departures, we can also assist with free or discounted hotel lodging. Contact our Customer Care Team to find out more.


How Do I Book?

Enjoy inexpensive, superior dental care with Dental Departures

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