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Rose Dental Clinic

Whether it’s in terms of quality, price, recommendations or reviews, the Rose Dental Clinic is simply one of the best top 5 dentists in Ho Chi Minh City. Highly regarded by many in the know as the best dental clinic in the city, this establishment has been attracting international clientele for many years and has some of the most highly-trained specialists in the SE-Asian dental sector. When you want the best, Rose Dental Clinic is right up there.

Elite Dental Vietnam

The aptly-named Elite Dental Vietnam bases its entire ethos on providing the best dental treatments in the world, all within a luxurious and friendly environment. Their philosophy has attracted patients from the four corners of the globe who come to Elite for high quality dental procedures for affordable Asian prices, making it one of the best dentists in Ho Chi Minh City.


Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital

Putting smiles back on faces since 1994, the Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital has garnered a fascinating reputation for quality, longevity, trust and reliability. From cosmetic and general dental treatments to kid’s dentistry and more, this dental center also has its own onsite laboratory which means everything is simplified to the easiest processes imaginable, ensuring the highest quality in the shortest amount of time.

Vinh An Dental Clinic

Known as one of the best dentists in Ho Chi Minh City, not just by Medical Departures, but also by the vast cacophony of former clients and patients, when you want the best dental treatments for the most affordable prices in Vietnam, Vinh An Dental Clinic has a fantastic reputation for excellence and should be at the top of your list.

Serenity International Dental Clinic Ho Chi Minh City Branch

Although the name ‘ Serenity International Dental Clinic Ho Chi Minh City Branch ’ might be a mouthful, it is guaranteed to be a mouthful of beautiful and glistening white teeth. Situated in the heart of the city and offering the most innovative treatments in a very friendly and welcoming environment, this highly recommended dental clinic passes the test in terms of quality and affordability every time.

At Medical Departures, we have pulled out all the stops to bring you’re the top 5 dentists in Ho Chi Minh City, in terms of quality, affordability and recommendations and reviews by former clients. Utilizing the best dental treatment centers in Vietnam and SE-Asia in general is important if you want to keep within your budget while receiving the highest quality treatments known to man!

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