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Traveling to Croatia and not sure where to go for your dental crowns? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to our dental crowns reviews in Croatia, we’ve identified top-notch, high-rated clinics in the country where you’re guaranteed to have the best dental experience! We did the work so you don’t have to. With that said, here are our top recommendations of clinics for dental crowns in Croatia.

H-dent Dental Clinic

If you’re planning on visiting Rovinj, the H-dent Dental Clinic is a great option for dental crowns. The clinic has been in existence for more than 25 years now, and is well known for its use of state-of-art technology (such as Digital X-rays) for diagnostic purposes. The clinic also offers free oral examinations and depending on the month during which you book your dental crowns, you can actually benefit from free accommodation! Dental crowns prices at the H-dent Dental clinic start at EUR 200 (GBP 167; USD 214; CAD 289; AUD 284; NZD 304) compared to EUR 1,212 (GBP 1,015; USD 1,300; CAD 1,755; AUD 1,723; NZD 1,849) in other European countries.

Dental Clinic Ksaver

This clinic is recognized as the first Dental and Oral center established in Zagreb, Croatia. The clinic is now 38 years old and is one of the highest rated in the country. In addition to excellent dental care, they also provide additional perks such as free X-rays, Free Crown/Bridge Removal for larger procedures and free teeth cleaning with larger procedures. Dental crowns at the Dental Clinic Ksaver cost around EUR 210 (GBP 176; USD 225; CAD 304; AUD 298; NZD 320) for Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (standard alloy).


Fond of history? Then you might enjoy spending time in the historical town of Kastav, Croatia. In that case, artDENTAL clinic is your top choice. With only 5 years in existence, the clinic is very popular among local and international patients and offers additional perks such as free oral examinations, free teeth cleaning and even hotel discounts. Dental crowns at this clinic cost around EUR 260 (GBP 217; USD 278; CAD 375; AUD 369; NZD 375) for Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (standard alloy).



Smile Studio Dentist Croatia

The Smile Studio Dentist Croatia has been existing in Rijeka for 13 years now. The clinic specializes in dental services that range from general dentistry to aesthetic dentistry, including crowns and veneers. Dental crowns at this clinic cost approximately EUR 280 (GBP 234; USD 300; CAD 405; AUD 398; NZD 427).

Dental Practice Dundjerovic Knez

In addition to its cheap and affordable prices for dental crowns, this clinic is also known for its modern approach to dental care and its use of state-of-art technology for better diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. At the Dental Practice Dundjerovic Knez , dental crowns cost around EUR 200 (GBP 167; USD 214; CAD 289; AUD 284; NZD 304).

Check out our dental crowns reviews in Croatia to select your favorite dental clinic today! Just like many other Dental Departures patients, you can benefit from supersavers and cheap rates on your dental crowns! Get in touch with our customer service team to get started.

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