Top Clinics for Teeth Whitening in Cancun


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Fancy giving your smile a boost on vacation? Have a look at our top clinics for teeth whitening in Cancun, and return home with a gorgeous new smile for a better price than you’d pay at home.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways of improving your looks. Everybody knows that a great smile is worth a thousand words, and it has the power to be much more. You can achieve a Hollywood Smile without breaking the bank in Cancun—and for only a few hours out of your precious vacation time by the beach.

Why Cancun?

  • Reliable Clinics

While it’s true that Cancun has an established dental tourism scene, it always pays to be a little choosy when you are going to any medical or dental facility. Do your due diligence and research all the clinics you are interested in.

If this seems a little daunting, then you can always rely on Dental Departures. All the clinics listed on our website have already been background checked. We do this ourselves and include legal/criminal checks, onsite visits and confirmation of professional memberships & dentist qualifications. You can also see prices, maps, clinic photos and real patient reviews on our site to help you make up your own mind about the clinic that appeals to you most, safe in the knowledge it is a trustworthy facility.

Some of our top-rated clinics in Cancun include:


  • Great Savings

You’ll make unbeatable savings on laser teeth whitening in Cancun. Look below at the tooth whitening cost Cancun’s clinics offer, compared to dental clinics at home:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Laser Tooth Whitening cost – Home







Laser Tooth Whitening cost – Cancun







Plus, if you book with Dental Departures you have access to even more savings with our exclusive offers and our best price guarantee.

What Does the Teeth Whitening Process Involve? Is there any downtime?

The good thing about laser teeth whitening is that there is virtually no downtime, although some people do report some increase in tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures for a few days after treatment.

The treatment is generally completed in just a couple of hours and so you can get on with your normal vacation activities as soon as your treatment is completed.

Before the process commences, the dentist will use a shade chart to check the current shade of your teeth; clean your teeth to get rid of any debris and stains; you will be given protective goggles to shield your eyes from the laser beam, and a rubber dam will be placed over your teeth to keep the bleaching gel away from the soft tissues of your mouth.

The bleaching gel is then applied to the teeth. Depending on what whitening system the dentist uses, the gel may be left on for 45 minutes, or, it may only be left on for 15 before being removed and re-applied two more times. The laser is applied to the gel to activate the bleaching agents. After the last application, the gel is removed by the dentist and your teeth cleaned thoroughly again.

The dentist will hold up the shade chart to your teeth so you can compare the amount of shades difference there is—it could be up to 14!

The Bottom Line

Visit one of our top clinics for teeth whitening in Cancun and experience first-class dentistry at economy-class rates. Book now for free via our Customer Care Team.


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